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Winter Festivities

Image of trees dusted with snow. Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

The winter season is coming up! What are your favorite activities? Still trying to decide what activities you should do this winter? Check out this article to discover 5 fun things you could do this winter!

Ice Skating/Sledding

Want to have fun during the winter season? Try ice skating and sledding! Ice skating is gliding across ice with fixed blades on the bottom. Many people go to frozen ponds to do this but there are ice skating rinks that you can go to. There are many sports based on ice skating, for example, ice hockey. Another fun activity to do during the winter is sledding! This one requires you to travel a bit to get the full experience of sledding but doing this at home will work too. You can always make this fun with friends and family. Want to get the full experience though? You can always travel up north to the mountains and visit national parks for sledding. It’s a guaranteed adrenaline rush!

Board Games

It’s getting cold out! If you want to have a fun winter night with your family try playing board games. You can turn on some music to listen to and get out the best and longest board games you have! A personal favorite board game of mine is Australian Monopoly! Monopoly is a good way to spend time and connect with your family. Here’s a list of some more board games you could play!
● The Game of Life
● Clue
● Guess Who?
● Jumanji
● Apples to Apples
You could even play some video games with your family! Mario Kart and Just Dance are always fun to play with others.

Winter Foods/Drinks

Too cold to go outside on a certain day? How about you stay home and find some new recipes to make? There are so many fun foods and drinks to make. Here is a list of some fun foods and drinks you could try making!
● Apple cider
● Churros
● Chilli
● Chicken Pot Pie
● Arepas
● Hot chocolate
● Different types of cookies
Hope you try making some of these! If you enjoy making these recipes, share them with your friends!

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Seeing Family

Seeing your family during the winter is always a good thing, especially since your lovey-dovey grandma will either give you hundreds of dollars or give you lots of kisses. Seeing family can also give you more activities to do especially if you have a cousin your age. Have one of your family members show you around the area if you are not familiar with it, socialize with them. Of course, cherish them and do a family night board game with them.


Want to travel with your family this winter? Try going to a cabin! Cabins are very fun and cozy for the winter. It’s a nice getaway from home and can be so relaxing. While you’re at the cabin you could have a cozy bonfire outside. If you go to a cabin you could take a new book to start reading and cozy up next to the fire. Most of the time near winter cabins there are places where you can go skiing and snowboarding! That would be such a fun way to spend the day. While at the cabin try spending some time away from your devices and see how you feel or what new hobbies you might discover.


I asked my friend Daniel Nunez what he did in the winter for fun and this was his response. Daniel said he plays in the snow and drinks hot chocolate. He says his view of the winter is the Christmas theme of it and the snow.

Hope this list helps you discover some fun winter activities you enjoy. Thanks for reading!

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