Halloween Costume Ideas

Image uploaded via Flickr. Circa 1893.

Owen Hugel, Sophomore Writer, Anchor, Features

With the transition to October, it’s time to start answering the many important questions that Fall brings. Sweaters or hoodies? Haunted houses or corn mazes? When should you start listening to Christmas music? These are all great questions, but most importantly, what should you wear for Halloween?

While we all grow older, we still need to enjoy the excitement of Halloween. So whether you’re going to a costume party, going trick-or-treating with friends, or just want to embrace the spirit of Halloween, here are the best outfits for the upcoming holiday. 

Firstly, let’s go over what you shouldn’t do…. This October 31st, there will be hundreds of costumes all around the neighborhoods. If you want to stand out, avoid Angel costumes, Stranger Things characters, any sort of inflatable costume, and any other costumes that will be cloned 100+ times. Just be yourself, and be original, you’ll be fine.

Without further ado, here are my top five outfits for this Halloween…

At number five, it’s a group centered idea, so grab some buddies, blue body paint, and white overalls. This is the year of the Smurf. It’ll look great lighting up the night with your bright blue color! The Smurf is great because one, there won’t be many people wearing similar costumes, and two, you’ll have the opportunity to spend Halloween matching with a few friends. 

For number four, I really liked the idea of being a staple of American culture. The outfit is Colonel Sanders, of KFC fame. A simple white suit jacket, tie, and a fake goatee will do the trick for this costume. It’s an original idea, it catches attention, and most people will know exactly what you are as soon as they spot you! For bonus points, bring an empty KFC Wing bucket as a great add-on prop.

Entering the top three, we have another group idea. For this idea, you’re gonna need a few friends and black suits. This outfit is the President and his bodyguards. Probably the outfit that will take the most effort on this list, but if you can pull it off… everyone will get a good laugh out of it, and you and your group will get loads of compliments on Halloween night.

In my number two spot, the second best outfit this Halloween is a classic. The vintage bed sheet-ghost costume. Easily the most straightforward outfit in my 

Top 5, just cut some eye holes into a white bed sheet, and that’s your costume. To me this costume is well recognized, under-used, and incredibly timeless. The costume will not only be easy for you to make, but will still get some attention. It’s something anyone can do and will fit in nicely in any Halloween party.

Finally, my number one costume, the best outfit winner… Willy Wonka, the chocolatier! To be honest, this costume is pricey, and hard to execute. But If  you put in the effort and throw down some cash, this will be a costume-party-winner. Willy Wonka is a classic, quirky and lovable character. The Willy Wonka outfit will be a favorite with both adults, and younger kids who have seen the movie!

While these are my personal favorites, there are many costumes that are still great, even if they didn’t make my list! So get out there, be original, be colorful, be safe, and have fun this Halloween. Even if you don’t dress up this year- put on a good scary movie, or hand out some candy from your porch, just keep the spirit of Halloween alive.