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Finding The Best Christmas Song

Image of ornament with sheets of music decorated inside. Image from Ryan Johns via Unsplash.

As the crisp autumn air starts turning into that chilly winter breeze, many people begin to hear cadences of Christmas cheer in the form of catchy songs in their heads.  According to Phil Barry of Medium, there are over 49,000 songs with the word “Christmas” in the title.  With averaging each song to be about 3 minutes, that is 147,000 minutes, 2450 hours, or 102 days of strictly Christmas music. With such an abundant selection of songs, how can we tell which one is the most merry and bright? 

Statistically, the most played Christmas song according to “Official Charts”, is “All I Want For Christmas is You” by Mariah Carrey. For the past couple of years, it has stayed at the top of the charts. Although statistically, it seems to be a fan-favorite Christmas song because of how many plays it has, I think that there are more factors to depict which song is the best. 

I decided to go around and ask our fellow Leonardtown Raiders what the most jolly Christmas song is to them. After surveying around 20 people some notable answers I got were from Mahi Shah, Ethan Cosgrove, and Ava Spinney of class of 2026. 

Mahi was asked about the topic and stated, “I think my favorite Christmas song would have to be “Last Christmas,” (by Wham!) “I think it holds a good beat and spreads Christmas cheer without that over-the-top Christmas song feel.” 

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In contrast to Mahi’s opinion, when asked Ethan said “It would have to be “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open fire,”(by Nat King Cole)” it’s stuck in my head all day everyday.” 


Again another different answer I got was from Ava Spinney, “I think that mine is “Frosty the Snowman” it’s fun and reminds me of childhood.” 

After my survey of around 20 people, I concluded that the “best” Christmas song cannot be tied down. I had a wide variety of answers, songs anywhere from movies to old nostalgia or newer music. Different types of songs ring different Christmas spirit bells in people’s heads. During this holiday season make sure to blast whatever songs make you holly jolly. 


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