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Fall Trees // Image by Pixabay via Pexels.

Fall Fashion In Leonardtown

Cadence Redmond November 7, 2023

The fall season is a time for layers, new styles, and those lovely fall colors of orange, tan, and ivory. Though we have many icons within the school who are rocking the fall style, I have picked out a...

Silhouette of Stressed Man // Image by Gift Habeshaw via Unplash.

Mental Health Tips

Sarah Scott, Writer, Anchor October 16, 2023

With the first marking period ending soon, spirit week, and SMAC competitions approaching soon for our fall athletes this time in the school year can be very stressful and cause lots of anxiety. Therefore,...

Credit: University of Utah

Raider Rings

Jaden Morgan, Senior Editor, Anchor, Reporter May 17, 2023

Everybody who reads Imprint and watches LTV knows that I am very proudly from the DMV Metro. As far as St. Mary’s County goes, I have certifiably only ever given my phone number to Hager, David and two...

The Power of Poetry

Cadence Redmond, Writer May 3, 2023

Poetry is not only a wonderful thing to analyze in English class ( that was sarcasm ), but it’s even better to actually write it. We are all used to having to dive deep into poems and write the deeper...

Naming My Car

Vada Mercer, Writer March 29, 2023

One part of high school which I had looked forward to for a long time was getting my own car. I’m proud to drive my 2012 Elantra, I think it’s a gorgeous car with a smooth ride. But something is always...

One Bite Pizza Review - The Slice House II Go (Leonardtown, Maryland)

One Bite Pizza Review – The Slice House II Go (Leonardtown, Maryland)

Jaden Morgan, Senior Editor, Anchor, Reporter February 10, 2023

Hey, L-Town, I walked up to The Slice House II Go, a slice shop at the back of the town square, to get some pizza and try it out. I picked this up for Dave Portnoy, because, some people, you know, they...

Image source:

Drug Legalization: Are we making the right choice in legalizing marijuana in the state of Maryland?

Isaiah Breedlove, Writer January 26, 2023

This is a pressing matter, that hasn’t been discussed very much recently among students and adults in the state of Maryland, soon in the month of June, marijuana will be passed as legalized in our state...

2022 Artist Spotlight: Spacey Jane

Owen Hugel, Writer January 6, 2023

2022 was filled with plenty of changes for all of us, finishing another year of school, traveling to new places, meeting new people, etc. These are things most of us did last year, you also may or may...

Girl decorating her tree.

When Is It The Right Time to Decorate for Christmas?

Lillian McCauley, Sophomore Writer December 16, 2022

      Christmas is a joyous holiday with great music, gifts ,and of course, decorations, but when is it actually time to decorate for Christmas? There is no actual right answer, it’s all up to preference.       Some...

Hollering For the Holidays!

Rachel Shaw, Writer December 1, 2022

The holidays are right around the corner, which means traditions are going to be making a play. Many people around LHS celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc. I wanted to hear everyone's voice on...

Credit: David L. Ryan/Boston Globe Staff

Winter Weather Dressing

Jaden Morgan, Senior Editor, Anchor, Reporter November 21, 2022

Hey there, Raiders! I think we all have had that moment where we don’t have a real idea, but need to have a real idea and so just kinda freestyle something. On a completely unrelated note, what is up...

The Importance of Grandparents

Owen Hugel, Writer October 25, 2022

Grammy and Grampy, Mawmaw and Pawpaw, Grandma and Grandpa. Like it or not, everyone's parents have parents. Whether you never got to know your grandparents, or you see them frequently, their decisions...

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