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Kaelin Eible, Writer, Anchor June 5, 2024

A certain type of excitement is noticeable this season in the bustling hallways of LHS. Campaign posters highlight the walls, slogans echo through the hallways, everyone watches campaign videos, and students...

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The Power Outage of May 15th, 2024

Grady Mason, Writer, Anchor June 4, 2024

 It's the morning of May 15th 2024, the majority of Leonardtown Juniors wake up with aspirations of passing a test. This isn't a normal test, this is an AP exam which students have dedicated their entire...

Shawn Knott (left) was a outfielder and pitcher on the 87 championship team and Daniel Knott (right) is his son on the 24 championship team.

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After 37 Years Your Baseball Raiders are State Champions

Owen Hugel May 31, 2024

Last Friday, the Leonardtown Raiders Varsity Baseball team competed on the biggest stage, the Maryland public high school baseball class 4A State Championship, hosted at Regency Furniture Stadium. Head...

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Food Trucks Take Over LHS

Cadence Redmond, Writer, Anchor May 21, 2024

On Monday night a plethora of amazing eats were provided by some local companies in their traveling kitchens. Lots of different trucks that ranged from delicious barbeque to fried sweet treats. I traveled...

The Life of a Journalism Student

The Life of a Journalism Student

Brooke Ince, Writer, Anchor, Features March 14, 2024

As class registration is slowly but surely creeping up, it's time to start thinking about what type of classes you wish to take next year. Journalism is a great opportunity offered here at Leonardtown...

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What is the Maryland Blueprint and Why Should We Care?

Julia Mattingly, Junior Writer, Anchor, Features March 30, 2023
Think about your AP Test or CSM Dual Enrollment, all will be paid for instead of coming out of your pocket.
Only Time Reveals

Only Time Reveals

Dillon Hager, Writer January 24, 2023

The inscription remains, “Immortal in Memory, Eternal in Heart”. These words which represented the tragic events of September 11th remain on the time capsule that was buried on February 19th, 2002,...

SMAC Title Holding Raider Volleyball Team

Raider SMAC-stic

Julia Mattingly, Writer January 20, 2023

Did you just win the Southern Maryland Athletic Conference (SMAC) Championship? I know Field Hockey, Volleyball, Runner Elena Blodnikar, and Golfer Ian Jameson did! Volleyball and field hockey continued...

NHS Induction Recap

NHS Induction Recap

Dillon Hager, Writer December 31, 2022

Here at LHS we have many clubs that help enhance our school and allow students in 10th, 11th and 12th grade to get many different experiences with different topics. One of the most popular clubs that...

College And Scholarship Advice From Mrs.Wilson

College And Scholarship Advice From Mrs.Wilson

Samantha Hancock, Writer October 31, 2022

College can be stressful as you're coming to an end of your high school years. Thinking about tons of scholarships you can apply to and turning them in on time, getting letters of recommendations, and...

Dirty Jobs: How BSWs Make Our School Shine

Dirty Jobs: How BSWs Make Our School Shine

Rachel Shaw, Senior Writer October 24, 2022

October 3rd was Building Service Worker Appreciation Day, our school is filled with amazing, kind, and hardworking service workers, who put in their dedication to make sure this school is clean and a healthy...

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Gobble Gobble

Greg Teich, Senior Writer December 3, 2021

The Gobble Down challenge is a fundraising event hosted by the LHS Journalism Team, where four students and two staff members compete against each other to see who can eat 10 wings the fastest.  Five...

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