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Spirit Theme Ranking (2023-2024)

Daniel Knott, Writer, Anchor May 2, 2024

First off I want to have be known that I enjoy all the themes for spirit week and appreciate all the hard work that is put in when creating and deciding these days. Also this is just my opinion but I am...

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Pro Bowl Revival?!

Daniel Knott, Writer, Anchor April 23, 2024

The NFL’s Pro Bowl has seen many changes over the years but one thing stays the same, viewership is plummeting. The NFL has gone from a single game between NFC and AFC to the “Pro Bowl Games” where...

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Diet Coke vs. Coke

Fiona Insley, Writer, Anchor April 12, 2024

After a long day of working hard you come home thirsty, hungry, and tired. You go and take a shower and get changed. Then make a nice dinner for you to enjoy and to fuel you up. You look in the fridge...

We Done with the 90s?

We Done with the 90s?

Jacob Floyd, Writer, Anchor April 8, 2024

In the world of social media there's a lot of talk on if Michael Jordan was as good as advertised and if he is the greatest of all time. It has become a social media trend to post Michael Jordan's lowlights...

Image of Ornaments hanging from a Christmas tree. Image from Chad Madden via Unsplash.

When Should We Begin Celebrating Christmas?

Cadence Redmond and Sarah Scott November 14, 2023

Side 1: Christmas Begins When Halloween Ends. Why Wait? Christmas is a time full of family and friends, joy and giving. It is also a time to show your thanks through the gifts you give. As soon as the...

Fall Trees // Image by Pixabay via Pexels.

Fall Fashion In Leonardtown

Cadence Redmond November 7, 2023

The fall season is a time for layers, new styles, and those lovely fall colors of orange, tan, and ivory. Though we have many icons within the school who are rocking the fall style, I have picked out a...

Doja Cat seen in a music video // Via dojacatVEVO on YouTube

Why Is Doja Cat Upside Down?

Isaiah Breedlove, Writer, Anchor October 27, 2023

DISCLAIMER: The following review concerns a topic that some readers may be sensitive too   Playboi Carti, Sam Smith, Robert Johnson, And Marilyn Manson you may recognize some of these musical...

Israel and Palestine Flags // Image via Unsplash.

Amongst Israel-Palestine-Hamas, War Heroes Still Arise

Cadence Redmond, Writer, Anchor, Morning Announcement October 20, 2023

To begin I’ll give a quick explanation of the conflict going on in the Middle East. On October 7th, which was not just any day but a Jewish Sabbath, multiple Hamas and Palestinian armed groups launched...

2023 NFL Predictions

2023 NFL Predictions

Daniel Knott, Writer, Anchor September 27, 2023

  2023-2024 NFL Predictions   As the season gets off and running, we as fans are being reminded by the football gods that nothing in the NFL will ever come as predicted. Who would have thought...

The World Around Seniors 2004-2023

Zachary Engel, Writer May 9, 2023

Well Seniors, we did it. We made it through the past 18 years of the glorious planet earth, through all the changes, through all the different fads, through all the economic challenges, through all the...

The Power of Poetry

Cadence Redmond, Writer May 3, 2023

Poetry is not only a wonderful thing to analyze in English class ( that was sarcasm ), but it’s even better to actually write it. We are all used to having to dive deep into poems and write the deeper...

Good Mythical Morning: “Let’s Talk About That”

Owen Hugel, Writer April 21, 2023

Good Mythical Morning is a YouTube talk show that has gained a large following since it first aired in 2012. The show is hosted by Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, the show is a blend of comedy, pop...

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