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Coronavirus Movie Recommendations

Ayana Leblans, Senior Staff Writer April 4, 2020

It would be an understatement to say that the world is going through quite a confusing period of time at the moment. Fear of the coronavirus (COVID 19), the cancellation of school and other important events,...

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A Review of Sonic the Hedgehog: The Modern Day’s Citizen Kane

Cameron Willette, Senior Staff Writer February 26, 2020

Sonic the Hedgehog at first appears to be a simple kids film made to cash in on the beloved icon that is Sonic. A soulless film created solely to cash in on children. However, against all odds, Sonic rises...

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Hailey Stack, Senior Staff Writer February 5, 2020

The arts have always been a part of society because they have no boundaries, there is no limit. According to Emily Carpenter, our senior editor, “Music is a dimension of expression that we utilize no...

One Acts

One Acts

Samantha Blottenberger, Senior Staff Writer January 30, 2020

Do you like watching plays but your mind wanders off during the second act of the play? Then One Acts are for you! One Acts are a type of play that only consist of one or two acts per play. The time frame...

The 10 Games That Best Define The 2010s

The 10 Games That Best Define The 2010s

Cameron Willette, Senior Staff Writer January 14, 2020

The 10 Games That Best Define the 2010s By Cameron Willette   Shovel Knight Image Source: Yacht Club Games, Llc. Shovel Knight is the least popular game on this list, though...

Philips, Todd, director. Joker. 2019.

Joker: A Joke or a Masterpiece? We Clownin’

Veronica Fernandez, Senior Staff Writer January 10, 2020

Many of us grew up knowing Batman’s origin story like the back of our hand — a boy who watched his parents get killed in front of him and inherited his family’s fortune, but couldn’t let the corrupt...

Game Review- The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Game Review- The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Cameron Willette, Senior Staff Writer December 16, 2019

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is a true classic, widely regarded as one of the best games released on the Gameboy. While not exactly revolutionary, it brought the great gameplay of A Link to...

Springy Springin'

Springy Springin’

Graham Wilson, Senior Staff Writer May 17, 2019

Flowers are blooming The track team is zooming An exciting time I’m feeling sublime Seniors and Juniors get dressed up for prom Everyone dreading the growth of their lawn Sweater weather...

Fortnite and Fantasy Football: What's the Appeal?

Fortnite and Fantasy Football: What’s the Appeal?

Daelyn Funk, Senior Staff Writer April 3, 2019

Did you know that, according to the Sunday Express, 40 million people play Fortnite? That is equal to 12% of the population in the US. Similarly, The Washington Post estimated that around 59.3 million...

Marching Band

Marching Band

Sydney Bokenhagen, Freelance Writer February 6, 2019

Marching band has proven to be so much more than an “extracurricular activity” for many people including myself. This program has provided me a family that I’ve grown closer with each year. Coming...

2019 Blockbusters

2019 Blockbusters

Rhea Brown, Sophomore Staff Writer January 25, 2019

2019 is expected to be a year full of some exciting movies. Here are a few coming soon to a theater to you…   Glass Release Date: January 18, 2019 The companion to the hit movie Split,...

What Is All-State?

What Is All-State?

Kytana VandenBos, Junior Staff Writer January 24, 2019

All-State. If you’re friends with a choir kid, you’ll usually hear them talking about it and how stressful it is. Though, if you’re not a choir kid, you won’t know what they’re talking about,...

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