One Bite Pizza Review – The Slice House II Go (Leonardtown, Maryland)


Jaden Morgan, Senior Editor, Anchor, Reporter

Hey, L-Town, I walked up to The Slice House II Go, a slice shop at the back of the town square, to get some pizza and try it out. I picked this up for Dave Portnoy, because, some people, you know, they start and build up the most successful pop culture and sports betting company in the country, and suddenly they’re too good to review pizza from an obscure location deep in the forest of the Southern Maryland country. But uh, somewhat awkwardly, the main location, named The Slice House, does not offer slices, and it is this second take-out location that offers the slices, I suppose because it is a take-out location, but, it’s slightly confusing. Anyways, the pizza is so amazing, it is Rock-approved. (Legally, it must be stated that it is actually not Rock-approved but only Cardboard Rock-approved.) (And also, no copyright infringement on the One Bite Pizza© brand is intended, I’m just talking about pizza for my school newspaper, please. :c)