SUNY Geneseo

Abigail Crosby, Senior School News/Student Life Writer

Considered the state public honors college of New York, SUNY (State University of New York) Geneseo is a prime choice for anyone who strives for excellence. The college is located in the charming town of Geneseo in the upstate Finger Lakes region of New York, about 40 miles south of Rochester. Geneseo is a fairly small school, with only 4,950 full time undergraduates, but it is rich in academics and extracurricular activities.
The state of New York considers Geneseo to be its state honors college, a title reflected in the achievements of Geneseo students. The college’s acceptance rate for last year’s applicants was 43%, but it has seen a surge in applications in the past year, which could make it even more selective in coming ones! It is proud to host a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the “oldest and most prestigious honor society in the nation” (, and has an extensive honors program. Over 40% of Geneseo students go on to enroll in full-time graduate school immediately after graduation, twice the national average. Many students also pursue research with the faculty, an opportunity not usually given to undergraduates. Geneseo offers 54 undergraduate majors and many international study programs.
Along with its rigorous academics, Geneseo offers many extracurricular activities. It has 20 NCAA Division III teams, and over 200 student organizations. The surrounding town offers casual and high-end dining, including the famed Aunt Cookie’s Sub Shop, loved by students and “townies” (as the students call those who live in the town of Geneseo) alike. The town boasts a modern movie theater, as well as a vintage drive-in nearby.
Geneseo’s out-of-state tuition is $14,320 per year, but with room, board, and fees, what you’d be paying is closer to $26,259. The price is worth it, however, to experience the renowned academics and great things to do!