Queens University of Charlotte


Gabrielle Nelson, Staff Writer

This is Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina, a mere 3 miles away from the Queens University college campus. It is a simple walk or bike ride away. If you go to Queens University, the city of Charlotte is an easy way to find internships and opportunities post-college graduation. If you are the type of individual who loves being a part of the city atmosphere, having endless possibilities, and living your life in a constant upbeat pace, then Queens University is the place for you.

Those who attend Queens have a motto, “not to be served, but to serve”. Queens has a multitude of service events, including annual and alternative break trips. For example, “Room in the Inn” helps homeless individuals in the community by giving them a place to stay, and “St. Jude’s Up Till Dawn” fundraises for St Jude Children’s research hospital. During breaks, students can choose to travel to Guatemala to volunteer at churches, participate in a physical work project and learn about the culture of Guatemala. There are also opportunities to visit New Orleans to help rebuild after Hurricane Katrina or New York to assist with rebuilding after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. There are endless service possibilities that can further your engagement in the community and also help connect you to the world outside campus.

On campus, the six colleges will help further your education with undergraduate programs including biochemistry, creative writing, and english literature, as well as graduate programs like communication and education. You also have opportunities to intern at places like Bank of America, Habitat for Humanity, and the YMCA.

A former Queens Royal said, “I think being at Queens challenged me to go to the next level, while also figuring out which path worked best for me. I began as a biology/pre-med major and graduated as a high school English teacher.” If you have your entire college career planned out, or if you have no idea what path you want to take, Queens welcomes you.

After you graduate from Queens and leave the campus, you still remain connected with those you encountered throughout your college experience. Taylor Nelson, a former graduate, states, “Queens became a second home for me, and I met people who I now consider to be family. The connections I’ve made at Queens are lasting. I’m more than a ‘Royal,’ I’m also a member of a lasting line of alumni who shine in many facets of life.”

If you’re interested in a forever home-based college, Queens is the college for you!