Goucher College


Founded in 1885, the beautiful campus of the liberal arts college has a student body of about 1,500.

Angel Higgs, Senior Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to school in a big city? Do you want the school to be small but still a great academic place? Goucher College is a private liberal arts college in Baltimore, Maryland. The campus is very beautiful, located directly in the middle of this large city and surrounded by water. The school may sit in a large city but the population of the school’s undergraduates is only 1,449 with a ratio of 66.3% being female and 33.7% being male.

One thing that does come with the private liberal arts school is the expensive cost. Goucher’s yearly cost is $55,128! Goucher does offer great financial aid and they believe in trying to meet the financial need of each student to the best of their abilities. The school is also quite selective with last year’s incoming class having an average SAT score of 1722, an average ACT score of 25, and their average unweighted GPA being 3.2.

Don’t be discouraged by the statistics though because Goucher is an amazing school that offers much to its students. The Goucher Gopher’s wear the colors royal blue and gold proudly. They play in the NCAA Division III in sports such as basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, and swimming. While they do not offer anything in the ways of Greek life, they do offer multiple clubs and organizations as well as being located directly in the city so the opportunities of recreational activities are endless!

On the academic side many students attend Goucher with the declared major of psychology, social sciences, or visual/performing arts, just to name a few. The school offers many classes with each having an average of only 10 to 19 students in each, which is quite low, giving a lot of one on one time with the teacher and each of the students. The student teacher ratio is 9 to 1, backing up the idea that students will definitely have a lot of time to meet with teachers and get the help they need in their classes.
If you have been looking for a great school with all the benefits of a big city while keeping it small and personal then Goucher would be just perfect for you. Check out Goucher’s website at to learn more about this beautiful school!