Salisbury University

Salisbury University

Daniel Lathrop, Senior Staff Writer

Well seniors, it’s that time of year: College (applications) time! Woot-woot! In fact it’s been that time of year for a long while now, but if you’re late to the party, or you’re a junior looking forward to next year, it’s good to know about some of your options. For this reason, I’ll be doing a review of Salisbury University!

Salisbury University is a part of the state university system and is regionally and nationally accredited in over 40 different study programs. Being an in-state school, Maryland residents get in-state tuition, which is under $20,000 including room and board. For out of state students the cost rises to a little above $27,500. Upon applying, you are automatically entered for a scholarship of 3,000 a year, totaling $12,000. There are application fees when applying.

Salisbury is a selective school when it comes to admissions, accepting about 55% of all applicants. I was able to apply easily over the Common App. If you want to get in for the 2015-2016 school year, you better hurry up, as the deadline for applying in Jan. 15.

The campus is beautiful, as you might expect. There are plenty of areas for students to spend time, such as the library and computer labs, and the large assortment of restaurants surrounding the campus. The gyms are also nice, so working out shouldn’t be a problem. The amount of activities is also a big plus. There are over 132 student organizations, and the college is about 2 hours from Baltimore or DC, for a nice weekend getaway. Personally, I look forward to camping on the beach over on Assateague Island.

Salisbury, the town, is a tough sell. It’s the largest town on the Eastern shore of Maryland, and has that “small town America” feeling to it. The town also boasts plenty of restaurants within walking distance of the town. However, Salisbury has a scathingly high crime rate. A few years ago, Salisbury was stated to have the 4th highest crime rate in the nation. So if you head into town, try to stay out of the alleyways and in populated areas, especially after dark. Walking with other people, at least two, can help deter any would be assailant, and it means a fun time with friends; win-win. As long as you have a good head on your shoulders you should be able to avoid any problems.

Salisbury is a great school. It’s affordable and offers great programs, and has a wonderful campus life. If you are looking to apply this year, hurry up. If you’re not yet applying to college, it’s definitely one I’d recommend to check out at the very least.

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