Musical Talent: What Is It?

Joseph Mohammed, Sophomore Staff Writer

Music is a broad and a most definite outlet, or a source of entertainment for many. Music is made up of multiple patterns of sound that are all based off of rhythmic instruments, corresponding to the idea of making it more interesting, overall. Not all types of music have any connection to an amplified guitar, or a classic structural acoustic, or bass guitar. As it looks today, music isn’t well filled with harmonicas, cellos, or anything along the lines of those two in particular. There are no rules for making music; you can just come up with a small pattern of notes or hooks to a song, and you’ll be good to go. If not mistaken, music, in its earliest form, didn’t have many words in between the small instruments being played, therefore it is easy to say music has gotten a little more technically advanced. A big thing as well is that you don’t have to even follow the guidelines of parents, to make your music the way you want to. Musicians have escaped from being an average producer of music, into recording some of the world’s most talked about hits that make everybody want to scream.

Today, as you may know, we have dedicated artists and performers, but really, does that name apply to them acceptingly? An artist doesn’t have to wear the best clothes, the best jewelry, and they don’t even have to have the best haircut. In music, really all you need to worry about is the music itself; nothing else greatly applies. Musicians have swept up their losses in life, just by gathering their buddies, and speaking through their heart, or in other words, using their own form of what they call “music”. When artists actually become artists, everything is anticipated. Artists usually have attention on them, like todays rappers, who have millions of fans worldwide, or even todays’ big rock bands like Train, U2, or Muse. After doing their best to come up with a hit, artists may start to slow down, which causes wreckage to them. An artist can only go so far with their career, until they start changing their fashion, their style of music, and who they are, which is talent in its most unoriginal form.

Getting people to know who you are in the industry is a big deal as well. Fame comes with a price sometimes, which for everyone should be obvious. Fame makes you think like a superior person, you get money, start shopping, and at the very lowest buy love. More people these days are worried about their pace and not how their music sounds. There is such a thing as living the high life, but just because you live it doesn’t mean you need to associate it with your music. Magazines give you credit, or even try to bring you down too, which does really cause some damage, if you are vulnerable. An artist can be quick to stop making music as much, but to more, get false accusations. Talent sometimes is very limited, it is there, but you just can’t please everyone with a few ideal musicians similar to that of earlier artists.