Boise State University


Megan Luppino, Alexis Ayon, Sophomore Arts and Entertainment Reviews Writer, Sophomore Op. Ed. Writer

Boise State, home of the Broncos, is mostly known for their very popular football team; it is a very patriotic and proud University. Other sports that are offered at this college are Women’s Golf, Wrestling, Swimming and Diving, and Volleyball. The athletic department is very wide, there’s a sport for everyone! (
The acceptance rate for Boise University is 92.4%. Yearly, 3,900 applications get sent in and 3,602 are accepted. (
The campus life at Boise State is very diverse. It is located in Idaho so there is seasonal change. The college is a pretty convenient location in a small city; the nearest airport is 6 miles away, the nearest bus station is 2 miles away, and the nearest train station is only a mile away. 89% of the students live off campus, but housing is offered in dorms of all kind (coed, women’s only, or men only). Boise state also offers assistance to live off campus if that is what you desire. Freshmen are given priority housing, and there are no requirements to get a dorm. The campus security is very tight, and there are emergency services at all times. BSU not only offers exceptional financial aid in housing, but there are also offers from the college to help with Health Service, Child Care, and personal counseling. (
The population at BSU, being Idaho’s largest University, was 19,993 in fall of 2010’s enrollment. In the past 2 years, the numbers of students have increased 9.2 percent! ( The tuition rate is pretty reasonable. Part time classes are around $239. For a full time Undergraduate degree, it would cost about $3,594 (with 12-18 credits.) For a graduate, it would cost $4,089.
There are several programs that are popular at Boise University. In Associates Degree programs, Health Professions is the most popular, along with Liberal Arts, and Engineering Technologies. The least popular programs, on the other hand, are Homeland Security, law enforcement, and protective services. For Bachelor’s Degree programs, the most popular programs are Business/Marketing, Health Professions, Education, Communications/Journalism, Social Sciences, Psychology, and the least popular is Visual and Performing Arts. (
A fun fact about Boise University and their pride, the Bronco football stadium is painted Bronco Blue, one of their school colors. BSU has a traditional school myth that there is a ghost, Dina, in the Communications room. (