The 1975: Re-imagining the Music World

Emily Carpenter, Co-Editor

As we transition into the fall/winter season, we are greeted by many changes and new beginnings. The music industry is no stranger to these newfangled changes, and welcomes a fresh burst of creativity and unconventional ideas. There are many artists that have proved to be the voices of a new era of music, and have established themselves as bold and outgoing trendsetters that will lead the music industry in a blaze of uniqueness and individualism. The 1975 is a British alternative band that consists of members Matty Healy (lead vocalist), George Daniel (drummer), Adam Hann (lead guitarist), and Ross MacDonald (bassist). The band has had many breakthrough hits and have topped charts in the U.K. and United States, however their music is far from ordinary, showing representation for more mellow, indie style music with lyrics that will weigh heavy on your heart. The 1975 may seem like they show the traditional aspects of angsty alternative music, but in reality have portrayed very real emotions that cannot be expressed by the average conversation.


The 1975 have expressed many concepts in the composition of their albums not only lyrically but instrumentally as well. They have written and produced music that has layered beats to keep the listener engaged in all of the elements that are implemented and ingrained into their songs. Their latest album release was named “Sincerity is Scary” as is a sort of foundational album that will support the structure of their forthcoming album entitled “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships”. First listening to “Sincerity is Scary”, you can already hear the drastic difference in tone and aura of what their new music will entail compared to their older, more upbeat music that we have all come to know and love. “Sincerity is Scary” is comprised of many topics that all intertwine and morph into a story of sorts. The mood of the album spirals into a mix of introspectiveness and self-reflection throughout the order of the songs. The album follows the innermost thoughts of someone who has deeply desired to inspire themselves to become more motivated and positively influential, but struggles to change the surroundings that are detrimental to their well being. The album relates to someone who strives to revel in their loneliness and not stray from it, utilizing their sadness as strength in order to grow and mature into someone that they are proud of expressing.


The 1975 has generated music that is fabricated from harrowing experiences that have been impactful and demonstrative of their most intimate and private thoughts. Their expressive and passionate writing style has provoked many fans to reflect on their lives without influence of their surroundings obstructing and restricting them from disenthralling their true emotions. Outside of their performances and in interviews, they preach the notion of demolishing the idea of concealing your true identity and encourage the most unfeigned part of you to manifest. With these abstractions in mind, we can only expect the most genuine and authentic lyrics embedded in their upcoming album “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships”.