R/C Theatres Now Open!

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The installation of the new movie theater here in St. Mary’s County comes with a huge sigh of relief. Many members of the community have complained about the conditions of other movie theatres in the area. With the establishment of R/C Theatres, now standing tall opposite of the Wildewood community, families will no longer have to endure garbage littered floors or glitchy equipment.

The Lexington Exchange branch of this Maryland-based corporation  brings many benefits to the surrounding area: from generating revenue to providing more activities for locals, primarily teenagers and families. The prices may be slightly elevated from what people are used to in other movie theatres, but with a higher quality comes a higher expense- one that many are willing to pay.

R/C Theatres have amped up the film-watching experience greatly for residents of the county: with fresh, new seating, wall-to-wall screens, an awesome HPS-4000 sound system, a featured game room, and more. What else is there to ask for?

Movie-goers all around can now watch the best newly-released blockbusters in R/C Theatres and our community as a whole can now be completely engrossed in the movie experience from which we have been deprived. With an ever-rotating selection to choose from, find out what all the hype is about and check out this new local cinema soon!