Feel the Teal: Univeristy of North Carolina at Wilmington

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

Sophomore Sports Writer Jenna Hall and Junior Sports Writer Shannon Byrnes

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Looking for a college to go to? You don’t know anything about UNC-W? Wondering maybe or why bother? This will help you with your decision.
UNC Wilmington opened its doors on September 4th, 1947 as Wilmington College. At this time UNC was a junior college, offering freshman-level courses to nearly 250 students during the first school year, many of whom were veterans returning from military service following World War II. Under the control of the New Hanover County Board of Education, Wilmington College earned accreditation from the North Carolina College Conference in 1948, and became a member of the American Association of Junior Colleges. In 1958, Wilmington was placed under the Community College Act of North Carolina. Wilmington College became a senior college on July 1st, 1963. On July 1st, 1969, the name of the college was changed to The University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Wilmington is now the fifth campus of the University of North Carolina. On August 22nd, 1977, Wilmington was authorized to offer its first graduate programs at the master’s level. Wilmington has just over 13,000 students enrolled, and close to 500 full-time faculty members.
Wilmington offers thirty-six masters degrees and doctoral degrees in subjects ranging from marine biology and educational leadership to administration. Wilmington offers degrees in humanities, sciences, health, business, and professional fields, and Wilmington has a highly ranked marine science program. The average SAT score for the incoming freshman in 2010 was 1170, with the average GPA of 3.79. Teal, navy, and gold are the official school colors of Wilmington. “Feel My Teal.”
Galloway Hall is the social atmosphere for the students at Wilmington, standard hall-style double room arrangement with shared bathrooms for the entire hall. The Hall houses 400 students. Graham-Hewlett and Belk are suite-style dorm arrangements with eight to ten individual sharing bathrooms. Galloway-Hewlett houses 384 students. Belk houses 192 students. Both dorms hold first-year students. Schwartz Hall houses 160 students, primarily first-year students. The suites have a double room layout and shared bathrooms. Schwartz Hall is also housing special “Men of Teal” floor, “Teaching Fellow” floor and “Wellness” floor.
Wilmington has several places to dine! Wagoner Hall is the primary venue for dining on campus. There are variety of foods, salad bar, and delicious desserts. Wagoner hosts the “Wagsgiving”, an annual Thanksgiving feast arranged for the students! Other on-campus dining includes, Einstein Bagels, Courtside Bagel Shop, Dunkin Donuts, Java City, and Landing Sandwich Shop. Along with great places to eat it also has a variety of places to go. One of those gorgeous places is the beach!
University of North Carolina Wilmington has a great program – go check it out!