Syracuse University


Rebecca Sachs, News Editor

With top-notch academics, Division I athletics, and endless opportunities to get involved, it’s not surprising that Syracuse University is a popular school. Located in northwestern New York in the city of Syracuse, students should expect cold winters and more snow than they are probably used to. In the winter of the 2010-2011 school year, the city had a total of 173.5 inches of snow! There isn’t a lot to do off campus in Syracuse, so the school makes up for that by providing plenty of options for entertainment on the weekends. There are often free movie screenings in the lecture halls, free shuttle buses to the nearby Carousel Mall (the fourth-largest mall in the United States!), and activities including water rafting. If you plan to attend to Syracuse, be prepared to wear a lot of orange! The school has Division I teams in every sport except women’s ice hockey and crew. The Syracuse Orange games, especially basketball games, are wildly popular amongst students. The university also has its own TV station, newspaper, radio station, and various magazines, all run by the students. One thing is for sure: if you attend Syracuse University, you will never be bored!

As for academics, Syracuse offers a wide variety of majors, among which the most popular are commercial and advertising art, psychology, and marketing. If you choose to, you can apply to a specialty school, including the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science, the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, and the School of Architecture. Syracuse University has an acceptance rate of 60%, resulting in an undergraduate population of over 13,000 students. However, if you are accepted to Syracuse, you have to take into consideration the high price tag. Tuition alone is $34,970, but after you take into account housing, meals, books and supplies, personal expenses, travel, and other fees, the price is closer to $51,960. Luckily, the majority of students are able to get some type of financial aid. This school is still quite expensive, but it’s sure to provide you with a quality education and a great overall college experience.

The process of choosing a college is overwhelming, but it helps to focus on finding one that suits you and your plans for the future. No matter what your interests are, Syracuse University surely has something that appeals to you!