The Leonardtown High School Ski Trip


Hailey Stack, Senior Staff Writer

From January 17th to the 21st, Leonardtown High School participated in their annual ski trip with 48 students ranging from sophomores to seniors, whether they be first timers or experienced skiers. The ski trip includes a twelve hour bus ride from the high school to the Killington Mountain Resort in Vermont. There were three days of skiing and five days of fun with Mr. Chew, Mrs. Hager, Mrs. Robbins, and Mr. Snyder chaperoning. “The trip was great, it was fun for someone going for the first time, my favorite part was my friends teaching me how to ski after failing about 60 times. The trip was definitely worth it,” according to first timer Timothy Moser. 

The Killington Mountain Resort has a total of 155 trails, 22 lifts, and a summit of 4,241 feet. On top of the already amazing resort, the trip itself included two free night accommodations at the resort, buffet breakfasts, free dinners, and a free three-day ski pass/lift ticket. Megan Owen is a junior who went all three years and plans on going her senior year as well. After attending for these past years, she gave us some insight of what her first time going was like to now. She said, “On my first trip we had an even level group as far as skiing ability, whereas this year was more diverse so it has fun watching the newbies go down the double black trail, the hardest course at the resort.” A student decided against going last minute and Luke Walsh, a senior, took his place just mere hours before the bus left for the trip. This was Luke’s first time attending a ski trip, but he made the most of it and had a lot of fun. Overall, the ski trip was a great experience for all grades and experience levels. 

After talking to the students and teachers about the trip it’s safe to say even with the expenses and long bus ride, it was a great experience that everyone should do at least once. Looking forward, you should consider signing up and going to see what the trip is really all about. If you have any questions or want to get started early for next years trip, you should see Mrs. Hager in the media center or Mr. Snyder in room E40 in the math wing.