NHS Induction Recap


Dillon Hager, Writer

Here at LHS we have many clubs that help enhance our school and allow students in 10th, 11th and 12th grade to get many different experiences with different topics.

One of the most popular clubs that is not just centered here at LHS, but that is all over high schools in the U.S. is NHS; National Honors Society. NHS is a club that enhances leadership, scholarship, character and service. NHS collaborates with all different types of organizations to help the community and build all of the skills just mentioned. Here at LHS, NHS has recently inducted 41 new members which range from 10th-12th graders. These diligent students worked hard to achieve the house and leadership requirements to get into this amazing club.

Mrs. Watson, LHS’ NHS sponsor and advisor, on how she felt about the new members of NHS and how they will contribute to the club, said, “I am excited to work with the newly inducted NHS members and see how they will rise to become leaders in our school building and serve both our school and community. Many of the new members have already served their community in a wide variety of creative and unique ways so I am interested to see the ideas they will bring to NHS on how to continue to serve.” Sounds like she is very excited to work with the new members and is expecting great things from them!

NHS president Andy Loesch said, “Our induction ceremony went very well, each member had one of the four pillars, which are scholarship, service, leadership, and character, and our executive board presented why their pillar was important to them while their candle was being lit for induction. It is great having new members to help out with our projects and events, especially since we had a large senior NHS class graduate last year. The new members can and will help make NHS that much more impactful for our school and local community.”

After hearing from both a student (the president) and the advisor/sponsor, I can make the assumption that the new members of NHS have a bright future and will make a positive impact on the NHS society. Congratulations Raiders!