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The Life of a Journalism Student


As class registration is slowly but surely creeping up, it’s time to start thinking about what type of classes you wish to take next year. Journalism is a great opportunity offered here at Leonardtown High School. Journalism is a way to express yourself in a creative and innovative way. It allows you to think outside the box and create media that you have total control over that you get to share with the LHS community. With the ability to exercise creative control comes a schedule and a specific workload, so let’s discuss that.

Journalism assignments are all based on a weekly rotation. Each week, you are assigned one of the 4 different assignments: Schoology, Features, LTV or Imprint. Every week you get a task in which you complete a planning assignment (process grade), and at the end of each week you are expected to have it completed and turned in (product grade), with the exception of Schoology, which depends on the week. 

Schoology: Schoology week is what it sounds like, an assignment or assignments on Schoology that require you to think about the aspects of being a journalist.

Features: During feature week, you are required to plan/film/edit a piece of media that gets featured on LTV. You can work with your group but each individual submits their own feature

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LTV: This rotation revolves around filming and creating a script daily with your group. Everyone must work together to be a part of the filming process. 

Imprint: Choosing a topic to immerse yourself in and then writing a piece to be published either to the online imprint or the actual hard copy. 

Not only do you get to creatively express your own ideas, but you also get to work alongside fellow classmates who also have the drive to collaborate on projects. During the first 2 quarters, you are put into a group chosen by your wonderful advisors, working collaboratively each week, sharing ideas, and bonding over the class. 

If you are someone who loves sharing ideas, being creative, and being socially and academically involved in the school community, journalism is the class for you.  You should head over to our “about this class” tab to apply and see if you have what it takes to be a member of our school news community. Apply Today

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