Only Time Reveals

Dillon Hager, Writer

The inscription remains, “Immortal in Memory, Eternal in Heart”. These words which represented the tragic events of September 11th remain on the time capsule that was buried on February 19th, 2002, and discovered 20 years later on December 9th, 2022. After a long 3-day adventure, and using the clues from the article in our archived copies of the high school newspaper, “Only Time Will Tell”-Imprint, Vol. 23, Issue 5-and the 2001-2002 LHS Legend yearbook, Zach Engel, Dillon Hager, and Mr. David were able to recover the twenty year old time capsule in the walls of the school. Found in the wall of Mrs. Morris’ office, and 20 years prior, Mr. Wacker’s office, we pulled out the massive relic and admired it in its glory and representation, recreating a moment of the past. Our invitation to the grand opening went out to the creator, Mr. George Harris, and 2 students of the time, Mr. Justin Bressler and Mr. Chris Derby. Mr. Bressler, as you may know, currently teaches here at LHS now.

After recreating a very memorable moment in history, we aren’t just going to stop there. We have great plans to create a new time capsule in which we will fill it with things suggested by the students in a survey. Very soon you will see this survey in the link in Mr. Copsey’s Smore & on the Imprint Instagram; @newslhs. We plan to accomplish this by the end of this school year 2023. Be on the lookout for more information!