Seniors’ Most Embarrassing Moments

Seniors' Most Embarrassing Moments

Kaitlynn Zacher, Sophomore Staff Writer

Freshmen year on the first day of school I sat in the wrong 4th period class and kept arguing I was right but whole time I was suppose to be somewhere else.” -Carissa Stanton


“The moment my sister began dating Xan Hayes. It was embarrassing for my entire family. “ -Hannah DeVito


“My most embarrassing moment at LHS was when I pooped in my pants in the cafeteria my freshman year wearing white pants.” -Dylan Hill


“I accidentally called Mrs. Page ‘mom’ during freshman year and the whole entire class heard me.” -Ryan Lau


“I had to hold my pee for over two hours on the way to a track meet. I was complaining so much that by the time we reached our destination, everyone on the team knew how badly I had to pee. It probably didn’t help that I announced it multiple times, but I made it out okay. Although, I did have to waddle off the bus to prevent my urine from coming out.” -Renee Nosko


“Probably when i was wearing crocs one day sophomore year and tripped and basically fell over.. heard laughter behind me.. from then on always wore action straps.” -Nik Kokolios


“The beginning of senior year a hose busted in my truck in B Lot in front of a lot of people.” -Ian Burroughs

“My sophomore year of high school right before my teams soccer game I was going up the bleachers on crutches to sit with the team and I tripped and fell all the way back down the bleachers. I am not that graceful.” -Natalee Ritter


“My most embarrassing moment I have experienced at LHS is when I was playing a lacrosse game and I tripped over my own feet and fell in front of everyone.” -Ryan Sohne


“My sophomore year I was in Ms.Wright room during one lunch. I had a huge crush on this guy and he made me laugh so hard I snorted so loud the whole room went silent.” – Savanna Dent