Jenna Hall and Sydney Mooney, Sophomore and Junior Sports Writers

This spring season has been good for all teams, and the spring play-offs bring mixed emotions as seniors take a good hard look at their high school sports season, and take their last steps on the field. As under classmen have the joy of spending the seniors last time with them, while looking forward to their future. “Saying goodbye doesn’t mean anything. It’s the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it,” commented Trey Parker
Leonardtown girl’s lacrosse is SMAC Champs for the 7th straight year with the record of 12-0 this season. Their first play-off game they will have home field advantage on Friday May 11th, 2012. Nine seniors will be lost this season. “We won have been working very hard this season, we have been rewarded with being SMAC Champs for the seventh straight year in a row. We expect to go far in play-offs,” said Junior Captain Maggie Nantz.
Tennis was also named SMAC Champs this spring season, with the record of 12-0! During first round of play-offs they are playing multiple teams. They are going to lose seven seniors next season. Robert Renfrow, senior captain, will be missed next season. “We are hoping to win the SMAC Tournament; starting May 8th, 2012. We have the players to do it, all we need is the confidence,” said junior Stephanie Kerns.
Boys’ lacrosse had a good season, ending the season with a record of 9-3. They are on their road to states said the team. First play-off game, the Raiders will play Annapolis High school at Leonardtown High school. Nick Stailey and Conor Duffy are the go to players. Stailey doesn’t have a problem scoring; Duffy doesn’t have a problem making the plays on defense. Duffy just got thumb surgery this Saturday; he won’t be making it back to play-offs this season. “In this round of play-offs if we play to out potential we can make it. Possess the ball we will have a better chance on offence. Keeping the ball out our defense will work to our advantage. Working together is the key to any success,” said senior Ryan Walter.
Track and Field boy’s record is 8-4, the girls are 10-2. SMAC is Thursday May 9th, 2012 and Saturday May 11th, 2012. Daltyn Earl, Darion Duvall, Will Leibler, Kyle Crandall, and Anthony Branch, are the star track boys. Taylor Superior, Madison Pachner, Rachel LaBatt, Laura Shaner, Sam Zarzaca, and Lauren Snyder are the star track girls. There are no play-offs for Track and Field; some of the runner that has enough point to make it states go to states. “Boys and girls had a tough season, but they are expected to come back and win SMAC for the fifth year in a row for girls and hopes to be in the top three for boys,” said junior Shannon Pope.
Baseballs record this season is 7-11. They are saying goodbye to six seniors. Star players are, Nick Caroll, Wyatt Key, Caleb and Matt Crispell, Logan Edkar, Andrew Fenwick, Josh Greely, Josh Burch, and Trevor Young. This season the team was young and they are working on building it up to its real potential. Their big win this season was against Chopticon High School. “We’ve had a good season despite having a very young team and we have a good seed in play-offs, so we expect to advance as far as our pitching can take us,” said senior Caleb Crispell.
Softball is losing seven seniors. “Our season went well. We all got along and played well together. We played through one of our players leaving in the middle of the season, but that made us stronger,” said sophomore Megan Redman.
Bocce is hoping to go back and win States this year.