It’s More Than Just One Act!


Cristal Willis

One Act Directors (from left to right) Mallory Turner, Mandy Plummer, Erin Fischer, Brooke Brown, Tim Joyce, Sarah Georgiou, Connor Downes, Cristal Willis

Katrina Bennett, Head Editor

What are you doing the night of October 28th at 7 p.m.? Hopefully, you’re attending Leonardtown High School’s Night of One Acts! They’re free, and from what I can tell, are sure to be a great show! Each year, the students in Theater 4 are able to put together everything they’ve learned through their time in theater classes and director their own short play. This year, there are eight senior students in Theater 4; Brooke Brown, Mallory Turner, Erin Fischer, Sarah Georgiou, Cristal Willis, Mandy Plummer, Tim Joyce, and Connor Downes. Since this is a large amount of students, some of them paired up for their one acts, and some are working individually, for a total of five short plays that will be performed on the 28th.

Erin Fischer and Sarah Georgiou will be directing a play entitled Frank Einstein which is a parody of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Is this version of the story, a monster named ‘Frank’ has been created, and the doctor is trying to teach him the proper way to behave in a social setting. Co-director Erin says, “When I read it (Frank Einstein) I knew that it was the corniest, most pun-filled play ever, and I thought it was just screwball enough to work.” Being in theater for four years also brings a large accumulation of memories, and Erin said that her favorite one was, “Our class (theater 2 and 3) did a one act last year, The Crazy Mixed- Up Island of Doctor Moreau. I may not have loved what I was cast as, but I loved the experience none the less.”

Cristal Willis and Mandy Plummer’s one act play is called Alice in Wonderland, but has a slightly creepier twist than the original. Cristal says, “We chose this one-act because we wanted to do something interesting and fun. The set and costumes for the show were exciting to think of and make!” One acts are a different experience for all of the seniors, because many of them have never had the opportunity to direct their own show before. “I I think that I enjoy directing more (than acting) because I get to make decisions and be creative and imaginative. I think that I would definitely direct a show again if I had the opportunity,” said Cristal.

Brooke Brown and Mallory Turner are directing a one act entitled Not An Afterschool Special. This show is a comedy and is about something that many of us know well; high school drama and rumors.

Tim Joyce is directing a one act by himself titled The Least Offensive Show In the Whole Darn World! Tim gave a summary of his one act and described it as, “Want to perform a classic play too offensive for your high school? Then the ScriptCleaner5000 is the product for you! Sit back and relax as BigCorp Inc. representatives Shelly and Tom present sample scenes from plays that have been treated with this exciting new technology. Wipe away that dirty David Mamet profanity! Violence in Shakespeare? Gone. And what about those pesky “romance” scenes? The ScriptCleaner5000 has got you covered!” Tim says that he chose this particular show for his performance because it was a comedy and he could relate to the humor. “When I leave, the thing I’ll really miss is the feeling of belonging. I really grew up with these people (the people in theater) and they are a second family to me.” Tim says that after leaving high school, he would love to become a professional stage manager.

Connor Downes is also going solo as a director and his one act is called Through A Glass Onion. This one act is definitely more serious than the rest, and focuses on a boy returning to his family after his sister has attempted suicide. “I chose that show because I was looking for something darker and because they (darker shows) inherently show more ability on the part of the actors,” says Connor. Connor, like the others, is really going to miss his time spent in theater and says, “I’ll miss the family that developed over the past four years with my fellow seniors, but also the relationships built with thespians younger than me. But, just as every year before me, it’s just time to move on to bigger and better things; most likely including a new theater related group! When asked if he was going to pursue theater after high school Connor said, “I have no idea what exactly I’m going to do in college, but I know my mom says she won’t pay for me to major in theater, but who listens to their parents?”

I don’t know about you, but I think all these shows sound great and I cannot wait to see them! So don’t forget to check out “The Night of One Acts” on October 28th at 7 p.m. in the auditorium!