“Fools” to Air as Fall Play


Thomas Church, Senior Staff Writer

As school moves into full swing, many students find their extracurricular niche and begin spending the majority of their time working for clubs or projects. Of these, one could easily list off such key events as homecoming and the pep rally, and of course sports such as football and lacrosse could be included. One event which is up-and-coming is the fall play. The play rights have been purchased, the actors have been chosen, and the rehearsals are well under way.

The play is Fools, written by Neil Simon. It has been described as a rather witty comedy set in the Russian village Kulyenchikov. A schoolteacher arrives in a village to find it is not just riddled, but instead filled to the brim, with people of less-than-average intelligence. The play is strange, quirky, and certainly funny.

An interview with Sean Vance, who plays Dr. Zubritsky, proved that the hopes for the play are high: “I think the play will be awesome,” he said. “I play the man who hired the schoolteacher, bringing him to the town to educate my only child.” Zubritsky is definitely one of the more pivotal roles. Sean also added that the town is not just unintelligent, but “cursed with stupidity.”

After Sean’s interview, the next in line was Erin Rothback, who plays Lenya, Zubritsky’s wife. “I think the play will be fantastic!” she said, full of enthusiasm. “We have a very strong cast that executes the script perfectly.” Her hopes are also very high this year, and she promises the show to be “hilarious, smart, and witty.”

What people should expect is clean and appropriate comedy. The show, which originally aired on Broadway, was directed by a very strong and effective team. The cast and crew were described in The New York Times as “a team of brilliant high-priced surgeons” who were meticulous and detailed. It is apparent that much thought and effort went into the writing and producing of Fools. The play was created in the early 1980s, and a film adaptation was released in 1990 as a musical.

Additional to the merit the play has received nationally, noteworthy is the fact that this year’s play is very different than the last two fall plays that Leonardtown has put on. While this year’s play is a comedy, in the last two years students have witnessed both The Crucible and The Miracle Worker being showcased in the auditorium. There is general excitement in this change from drama to comedy, and people are very hopeful for a positive reception. Last year’s comedic musical, Guys and Dolls, was received very well by Leonardtown students, and so perhaps the theater department is following this train of thought and putting on another comedy.

One thing is apparent: from the opinions of both cast and crew, the show is going to be brilliant. Students are encouraged to go see the show and support our theater department. Leonardtown can count on Fools being a quality and well-performed production.