What Are Graduating Seniors Going to Miss About Being Kids?

Photo Credit: publicagenda.org

Abigail Crosby, Senior Student Life Writer

On May 31st at 6:00 PM, Leonardtown High School’s class of 2012 will graduate and begin a new chapter in their lives. They will join the work force, start college, or do both, and will begin to learn how to live on their own and think for themselves. Most are excited for the upcoming opportunity to get away from home and explore new horizons.
But what about what they are leaving behind? What are seniors going to miss about being kids? Will they miss the naps? The carefree lifestyle? Not having to do their own laundry?
Sarah Gross and Sangeeta Sarkar are going to miss having things taken care of. “I’ll definitely miss having my mom do my laundry and clean up after me,” said Sarah. “I’m going to miss the lack of responsibility,” said Sangeeta.
Victoria Furlow and Sarah Gross thought about their friends. “I’m going to miss being able to call up my friends whenever I want and hang out,” Victoria said. Sarah agreed: “I’ll miss seeing my best friends every day.”
Samantha Goodnow’s answer was short and sweet. “Naps,” she said with a smile.
Britt Brooks and Holly Settle took the serious side. Holly said, “I’m going to miss not having to worry about money and going to school for free.” Similarly, Britt said, “I’m going to miss everything about being a kid from the innocence to the lack of responsibility. Now that I’m eighteen and a soon-to-be high school graduate, all that will change.” Britt’s opinion is a common one. Seniors are excited to be on their own—figuratively or literally—but wary of the responsibilities and new experiences they will encounter after high school.
It seems that plenty of seniors are going to miss a lot about being a kid, from sleeping to having things taken care of for them.
Then there are the ones who won’t miss anything. “Well, as for me,” Loren Day commented, “I plan on forever being a kid.”