Juniors vs. Seniors- Who’s Going to Win the Spirit Stick?

Sydney Mooney, Junior Student LIfe Writer

Homecoming is one of the most anticipated events of the year by many students. Along with the homecoming dance, there’s the football game, pep rally, and the parade. At pep rally everyone’s goal is to win the spirit stick! Normally every year the seniors win it but last year, for the first time ever sophomores won it! Last year sophomores got 1st place and the spirit stick, seniors 2nd, freshman 3rd and juniors 4th. The spirit stick this year is equally based on Harvest for the Hungry, hallway decorations, the float and pep rally spirit, decorum, conduct and cleanliness. “We’re hoping for a fun afternoon, hopefully a great game and good behavior from the students during pep rally,” Mr. Smith, SCA advisor said.

The fact that sophomores won the spirit stick last year was a big deal! The big question this year is will they do it again? Junior class president Hannah Chi is wondering the same thing and said, “This year I want to have a cheer everyone knows, and if we win the spirit stick not have it stolen again!”

So it seems like this year the pressure is on the seniors! They were in fourth place last year behind the freshman, but will they pull it together for senior year? Senior class president Brooke Brown said, “My goal is to get my class super pumped for Harvest for the Hungry! It’s our senior year; we deserve to have the spirit stick! So as much as I respect the other classes, you better watch out; 2012 is here to take over!”

Everyone is wondering what the outcome will be for pep rally, and it’s sure to be a good show! Will the juniors hold their spot and keep the spirit stick or will the seniors swoop in and win it for their senior year? And how will our new principle, Mrs. Montgomery react to it all? “I can’t wait for Leonardtown High School’s pep rally! I’ve heard a lot about it and have been told it will put a few more gray hairs on my head! I’m looking forward to it; it sounds like it will be a lot of fun!” Mrs. Montgomery said.  Pep Rally 2011 is sure to be a blast!