Leonardtown High School Fockey Girls, Say What?!

Jennifer Brown, Senior Staff Writer

This year, the Leonardtown Field Hockey Girls have been unstoppable! Having beaten the undefeated Patuxent High School in the last game, one to zero, and Great Mills and McDonough, the LHS Fockey team is undefeated. They are currently 14-0. This is a huge accomplishment for not only the fockey team but all of Leonardtown High School.

When senior Jaclyn Sherman, goalie of the fockey team at LHS, was asked what she loves most about playing on the field hockey team, she responded, “I love the fact that our team’s chemistry is irreplaceable. When a team gets along well, it shows on the field. Since we are so close, everyone is able to come out to practice everyday and have fun while working hard to improve individually as well as a team. I’m the team’s goalie and I love every minute of it. Being back there everyday, I’ve really been able to see all of the improvement everyone has made throughout the season.” When junior Abby Finkelston, center midfielder on the fockey team, was asked what she loves most about playing on the field hockey team, she said, “The thing I love most about playing on this team is that we are so close. We have such a good time together and every one looks forward to the season.”
The field hockey team has done amazing this year. When Sherman was asked how she felt the field hockey team had done so far this year, she said, “We definitely came out really strong. Everyone has worked so well together ever since the beginning of the season and that’s what helped us to be so successful. All of the girls trust and believe in one another and that shows on the field.” When Finkelston was asked, she said, “I am so proud of the field hockey team this year. We have all worked so hard to get where we are and it has all paid off. We are undefeated and beat Patuxent for the first time in a few years. It was a huge win and it came from our hard work and teamwork.”
The field hockey team has definitely worked hard to get where they are now. They have been very successful this year and all their hard work really paid off. Having an undefeated team at Leonardtown High school is a great accomplishment for not only the girls on the team, but the whole school.