Who Are Leonardtown Seniors Voting For?


Rebecca Sachs, Editor-in-Chief

Right now, it’s almost impossible to do anything without seeing something related to the upcoming presidential election. There are advertisements splashed across nearly every website, constant updates on Facebook and Twitter, countless commercials on almost every television station, and signs lining street after street: it’s hard to get away from it all. However, many Leonardtown seniors have a different view of the election: some of our very own students will be able to vote on November 6th! Although the number of seniors who are already eighteen is not overwhelming, many of our school’s younger students are starting to focus on these issues as well.

For many Leonardtown students, this may be the first election that they have actually paid attention to. Since we will all be graduating high school within the next four years, the issues being debated are those that we will be facing ourselves in the foreseeable future. For senior Jeff Husted, this is why he is paying close attention to the current political arena: “To me, the most important issue is the economy, along with how the candidates stand on social issues. They’ve also been talking a lot about foreign policy and how they plan to change America for the better.” Although he prefers not to identify which candidate he currently prefers, he comments that, “Both sides are promising a lot of change, and I’d like to see how they would accomplish that if they were elected.”

Photo Credit: Tyler Immel, Freshman Contributing Writer
Other students are very clear on whether they would vote for Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, or President Barack Obama, the incumbent candidate. Senior Aaron Mortensen prefers the former candidate, saying, “I agree with Romney’s economic policy. I don’t support what President Obama has done so far, especially since the job creation rate is still decreasing; I’m concerned that there won’t be any left soon. Our country’s debt is ridiculous: sixteen trillion dollars is inexcusable!” On the other end of the gamut, another senior supports the current president. She says, “Although the economy definitely has not completely recovered, I think we’re on the right track. It’s unreasonable to believe that a problem that has been long in the making can be fixed in only four years!” She does agree with Mortensen that the issue of finding a job in the near future is disconcerting, but “I don’t think Romney could do a better job than President Obama.”

Whether you support Governor Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama, it is important to be educated about your decision. There are plenty of reliable news sources out there to learn about the two candidates and their positions on important issues, such as the economy and foreign policy. If you are eighteen or older, be sure to voice your opinion and vote on November 6th: according to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 49% of all citizens age 18-24 voted in 2008. (http://www.census.gov/newsroom/rel eases/archives/voting/cb09-110.html). Even if you aren’t old enough to vote officially yet, be sure to participate in the poll on our homepage!