“Born and Raised”

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Meagan Beavers, Reviews Writer

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An American pop and blues rock musician, John Mayer, has found a way to raise himself right back up to the top. His newly released album, Born and Raised, has 12 songs featured on it. It is country influenced, ‘70s-tinged album. After his striking album Battle Studies he’s made a working progress and has never seemed to slack off. According to sophomore Courtney Springer, “John Mayer has always seemed to put a lot of effort into his music which gives it a great rhythm which is always soothing.” She also said, “The song, “Shadow Days”, would definitely have to be worth buying and everyone would most likely love it.” Before the album was in stores, John found a way to show a little preview of his upcoming album by releasing single “Shadow Days”, which to promote the new album has been a big hit in the 2012 music industry. Another lead sold song, according to iTunes; “Queen of California” is another top hit to the new album. Some people will not buy the whole album just by seeing that these songs are a new hit to the music industry. Buying the album on depends on the buyers interest in different music types. John was planning to go on tour this year until he found out last fall that he was diagnosed with granuloma on his vocal chord. The only way to heal his voice is going a long time without speaking or singing. A lot of his fans are shocked and very disappointed but they completely understood. Every song has its own unique style to it. The album is now recently number one sold on iTunes. This is currently Mayer’s fifth album, which became his third number one debut after 2009′s album Battle Studies. Born and Raised sold 219,000 copies in its first week of being released. No doubt, this is a wonderful CD and you should definitely check it out if you think this is something you’d like to listen to.

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