Spring Chorus Concert Review

Jordan Dunn, Senior Reviews Writer

Hello Leonardtown,
Did you go to the Spring Chorus Concert? Well if you didn’t, you missed out on a lot. With four different groups of singers and an amazing light show, Edge of Glory was both an impressive and entertaining experience.
At first the concert felt like any other chorus event. The chorus was dressed up in fancy attire while singing the traditional soothing songs. The Legato, Uptown Girls, and Potomac Voices did a fantastic job in act one. The Downtown Beat did better than I could ever do, but they still needed a little more practice for the traditional songs, like “The Sword of Bunker Hill”.
After act one ended, there was a ten minute intermission. Not many people left the auditorium, but as I got up I spotted a guy stand up with a bouquet of flowers. I walked over and asked if he’d let me interview him for the Dschool paper. He was a bit nervous, but he agreed. His name was Kyle Wilson and he had come to watch his girlfriend’s final chorus event. His girlfriend, Mary Williams, has been in chorus for two years and sang with the Potomac Voices that night. I asked him what he thought of the concert so far. He said it was really good and his favorite song sung so far was “Rockin’ Jerusalem”. I’d have to agree with him on that.
After the interview, I went back into the auditorium and sat down. The curtains were down and the lights were dim. The audience was quietly chatting as they waited anxiously. Then, act two began. The curtains rose and the whole chorus was standing in funny and awkward positions across the stage with a bright light coming from behind them so that we could only see their silhouettes. Everything was silent at first, then the music started and they all broke out into dance as they sang. It was quite impressive.
With each song and each group, they performed as they sang. It was almost like I was moved from a serious chorus event to a fun school play. First up was the Downtown Beat again, but this time, they were brilliant. They even dedicated one of their songs to the chorus student teacher, Miss Diana Stellway. It was very sweet. Next were the Uptown Girls and the Legato’s. They both did just as good as before, but I was taken away by the Legato’s performance of “Jar of Hearts”. And last by not least were the Potomac Voices. Now I don’t want to pick favorites, but these guys were beyond great. From “Haven’t Met You Yet” to “Edge of Glory”, the Potomac Voices were a sight to see. Then came the closing song. Sung by the whole chorus with a solo from Matthew Long and Amanda Kowalik, “Baba Yetu” was both beautiful and simply amazing.
After the concert was ended there was a slideshow for the seniors who were leaving and a yummy buffet. At the buffet I got a chance to interview Matthew Long. I began by asking him how he felt that it was his last concert. He told me that he had mixed feelings. Happy, sad, and a little relieved were some of the words he used. He went on and said that Mr. Bowser had been a great teacher over the years and that he’ll miss everyone. I then asked about his accomplishments in chorus. He said he was the mentor for the Downtown Beat’s this year and told me that “Me and Mandy [Lucas] are the first students from Leonardtown to make it to nationals ever.” That is impressive.
Overall the concert was amazing and if you didn’t go to see it, then you missed out. Well until next time guys, this is Jordan Dunn signing off.