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Taking Back Sunday Takes it Back!

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Taylor Steingold, Arts and Entertainment Reviews Writer

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“When I let you down, look past your doubt. Just, please, please, don’t lose faith in me.” Yes! The punk rock stars of the band Taking Back Sunday are back! They are back with a new vigorous album and attitude to succeed farther with their “good old” passionate band. Starting with the return of guitarist/vocalist John Nolan and bassist Shaun Cooper, they remain with the same name. The release of the new album in 2011 was a huge hit for all those with good ears and heart for music. The band boldly self-titled their new album, Taking Back Sunday in order to make the shout out that they are officially back and ready for the show to begin… again.
Taking Back Sunday’s new release has the smash up of 11 songs on the grand album. The first main track hit the band let out was the head-banging song, “El Paso”. This, by far, was the heaviest song they have ever made, or that they have recorded that is. It consists of a punk rock type of attitude with the mash up of some Nirvana tones. Not to mention, the bass rift is sick! It gives the feel to drift away and just give up your attention to the rhythm and lead vocalist, Adam Lazzara; his powerful voice is filled with shreds done just as well as the lead guitarist, who is phenomenal. All of Taking Back Sunday is excellence. From performing on stage, recording, to kicking back and jamming out to them, it’s surely an adventure worth taking.
“Your anxious tongue spills cautious words. Yeah, it’s gotten so used to being misunderstood.” Adam Lazzara’s essential lyrics in the band’s new song “Sad Savior” gave the song meaning and highlighted what the rhythm was truly about, deepening the feeling. Not only do the band’s songs sound awesome in headphones, but live on stage also. Watching performances even online gives the desire to see them in concert desperately.

Since the release of their album Louder Now in 2006, they have surely gotten more intense with lyrics, rhythm, and sound, but kept the steady beat of getting the attention of their fans. Taking Back Sunday’s Taking back Sunday album is still a top chart view for many people, radios, as well as the magazine print, AP (Alternative Press). To be in that addition, the band must know they are a piece of real rock. Taking Back Sunday took back the fallen pieces of themselves and puzzled them back together and created what became a successful band. They are still on the continuation of their world tour ‘11, and will be stopping by many places close to everyone’s hometown if they already haven’t. They proceed to write music to impress the audience and make punk-rock music come alive! “Cause you got me if you want me,” Adam Lazzara sings.

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Here to inform you, inspire you, and educate you every single day.
Taking Back Sunday Takes it Back!