The Leonardtown Lexicon is Here!!

Jason Ferris, Editor

The first edition of the Leonardtown Lexicon has finally made its debut!! Click here to see the labors of talented high-schoolers. Though the writing of Leonardtow...  Read More »

June 11, 2016

Your Survival Guide for the End-of-Year-Stress

June 1, 2016

While the end of the year comes jam-packed with a frenzy of activity and fun, the last push to finish can sometimes be the hardest. If you’re like t...  Read More »

One Chapter Closes, Another Is Begun

May 25, 2016

Well, here we are: another year completed, another summer to look forward to, another class leaving behind their high school careers, and another class risi...  Read More »

Finally, A Breath

May 25, 2016

The sun is peeking through the clouds, all the rain has dried up, nature is crawling out of its many shelters and we should be doing the same. We should be...  Read More »

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2016 Kentucky Derby

Hailey Springer, Junior Staff Writer

The annual Kentucky Derby took place this past weekend on May 7, just a year after Pharoah won the American Triple Crown and made history. This year, Nyquist, a thoroughbred and ...  Read More »

June 1, 2016

Civil War: Which Team Are You On?

May 27, 2016

Spoiler alert: the Confederacy lost the war and Abe Lincoln dies. Oh, right, in this case we are talking about the new Captain America movie that hit ...  Read More »

Who Knew?

May 3, 2016

Until I met David Sedaris, I had no idea I cared about the lives of others. Ok, I’m not heartless. I just never thought a memoir could be so gripping, ...  Read More »

What Happened Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice?

April 20, 2016

Movie fans have patiently awaited the release of the epic duel between DC Comic’s top heroes: Batman and Superman. They want to know the answer to one ...  Read More »

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Upcoming Spring Sports

Hailey Springer, Junior Staff Writer

The harsh winter has finally come to an end, and now Leonardtown’s spring sports can finally start up. Tryouts for all spring sports were on March 1st, with a great turn...  Read More »

March 16, 2016

Draft Day

March 4, 2016

The 2016 NFL draft is slowly approaching and with it news as to who the top prospects are for each professional team. The...  Read More »

Superbowl 50

March 3, 2016

Due to Carolina’s extraordinary record coming into the game, winning 17 games and losing just one, many people were expe...  Read More »

Super Bowl Halftime Show

March 3, 2016

The Super Bowl is one of the most popular televised events around the world for as many as 114.4 million people who clear ...  Read More »

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College…Affordability? Can the Two Ever Come Together?

Casey Bacon, Co-Editor

College: for some of us, the idea is still years away; for others, the thought looms with only half a year before the big day. No matter what stage of the journey you’re in, m...  Read More »

February 5, 2016

Finding Your Dream Career and How You Can Get Started

February 5, 2016

Listen up, Juniors and Seniors: if you were like me, or many of your other peers, trying to figure out what career or job that you wan...  Read More »


October 16, 2015

SAT, Scholastic Aptitude Test, and ACT, American College Testing, are both tests that you take before you enter college, with the int...  Read More »

The 2015 College Fair

September 24, 2015

The Fair with Visiting Schools and Useful Information, not the One with Fried Oreos and Rides   Pulling into the parking lot Tuesday ni...  Read More »

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