What Do You Stand For?


Image Credit: Isaiah Breedlove

Cadence Redmond, Sophomore Writer, Anchor, Features

Freshmen prepare for their second year of elections now with more knowledge under their belt. Sophomores are looking low on numbers many run unopposed. Juniors are going crazy trying to figure out who THE SENIOR year president should be. All in all there is a lot going on, so let’s take it nice and slow and focus on what these candidates believe in. 

Starting with the freshman, to start swooping in with a strong campaign video we have Emma Stroud running for treasurer being supported by current president Ethan Cosgrove and Abby Sparks who is currently historian. Her policies appear to revolve around her hard work and spiritedness, so hopefully she will bring some more spirit to the student government scene. Then we have Vanessa Li. She is the current vice president and is running her campaign focusing on making her class’ ideas a reality, she wants to be a candidate for the people. Mahi Shah is running for treasurer and has the support of vice president, Vanessa Li. Abby Sparks, running for historian, values memories and so she wants to take many fabulous photos for her class. Alex Rodriguez is running for Secretary against Julia Lisa and Kaitlynn Mozzo. Current secretary, Julia Lisa wants the people to be heard with her secretarial abilities for a continuation into next year. We got an interview with Julia and she said

My main policy would be making sure everyone can have a voice if they want it, and to make th most money possible. 

Plan if win?
If I win, I will act on fundraising ideas, like selling lanyards and other inexpensive items in order to make money. I also plan to increase class participation, and hopefully start a class field day competition to promote class pride.

Can I win?  I absolutely can win, yes.

Who will win and why?

I think we all have a pretty fair chance of winning, because we all know different groups of people. The person who will end up winning overall will be the one who knows enough people to spread the word, and has the most well known name.

Ethan Cosgrove is running once again for president.

For the class of  2025 Lily Belle is running for president. Mia Cassetta is going for secretary because. Jack Bateman is running for VP and speaks of how much he loves the work he does, he enjoys working with the class of 2025 so much and would love to do it again. Evan Gonzales is running for treasurer.. Finally, Ronnel Avillanoza is running for historian once again and has shown us this whole year his skills as a historian as well as his other talents when he won the talent show . And we have a new player in the game, a rising Junior athlete who has decided to see if the people will decide to vote for them just for being them no campaigning or candy just for them as a person. 

For the Junior Class there are so many running for a position on the SENIOR government council. It is after all their last year to be a part of this student government elections. One of the ladies running for president is Jaimie Cordeau who has stickers as well as candy to help along her campaign. I got an exclusive interview with her and here is what she said:

LHSJ: What are your main policies?
Cordeau: I believe that a safe and positive environment for everyone in the school is important. Building a strong community within the school is a very beneficial aspect to ensure a positive and smooth year. Raider spirit is very much important and exciting and I hope to see and want to push for lots of that Raider Blue Spirit.

LHSJ: What would you plan to do if you win?

Cordeau: I plan on making our senior events fun and memorable for our final highschool year as well as creating fun fundraisers for different causes and needs throughout the school year. Planning fun dances and events by collaborating with the student body and my fellow officers is another staple of my campaign.

LHSJ: Do you think you will win?

Cordeau: I believe that I have a solid chance of winning the senior class presidential election. I have put in strong efforts, made connections with fellow candidates from all grades. All in an attempt to better our school year next year! So through campaigning I think I have a chance! Especially because of all the friends helping me out!

We also got some statements from Isaiah Breedlove,

LHSJ: What are your main policies?
I want to establish a winning culture for my class. This is something personal for me and I’m sure other students would most likely agree with this statement. The students want to see us winning competitions like the spirit stick and the raider cup. We’ve been so close in the years but we haven’t been able to get over the hump and I want to establish a culture of success and a feeling that we’re finally at the top of the school as seniors. I want us to know that we are in it together and that as long as we are together, we can do anything, and this leads me to my next point of becoming a community of a class. The class needs a leader that can unite all different social groups and clicks together and has one unified collective of people. Therefore we can build that community that the teachers want to see in the students at LHS and I would make it my job to see this through to the end because we are stronger together than apart.

LHS : What would you plan to do if you win?

What would I do if I won? Going back on one of my previous points, I would first establish unity between the class because if we were to take these steps towards greatness for the class of 2024, we have to become one whole. Then I would turn my focus towards broader aspects, such as plans after high school because this topic should not be procrastinated on and exclusively focused on at the moment. After all, after we graduate high school, we need an organized individual to help set up our graduation reunions and make sure we get to see each other in 20, 30, or even 50 years. That I would look towards the future more than anything else. I also want to focus on winning our spirit stick at the pep rally and our class chant, and if I was allowed to win, I would take it to get the students involved they should have the option to give suggestions on what our class chat should be because every year there are students that come up with a breath-taking class chat, but the voices are never heard because we never had a president come out and ask the class directly what they think before, such as on social media about what should we do for a class chant. Allowing everybody to speak their mind helps them feel wanted and understood. I want them to feel like they’re a part of something. If I was the one to win I would make sure we are one whole, and make sure that we are led to a great future that can help guide our paths back together one day.

LHSJ: Do you think you will win?

I believe that every candidate can win, and I believe that I can win too. It is very entitled and boastful of me to make a statement like this, but I feel like I have a factor that can bring our class together and make sure that everybody’s opinion is heard, and lead our class. but I will not spend too much on the topic because it is very arrogant to rant about yourself, and why you should win.

As you can see we have some serious thoughts going through our candidates’ brains; they are truly dedicated to their campaign and their classmates. Some of the other people running in the race for votes for president Thomas Kimberlin, Grace Bowman ( former president ), and Fletcher Sullivan who believes in creating a fun year for the senior class. For treasurer Julia Halleck goes against Gabrielle Graves. And others include Ahjanai Logan, Jason Nguyen, and Grace Jenkins.


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