Senior Gala

Skylar Broome, Senior Staff Writer

May 10th marked a proud time of year for Tech Center graduates to show off all that they have learned over the two or three years they have been attending. Setting up in the large Dohrman Room, students from over 20 different career-specific programs prepared the day ahead of them.

The Senior Gala project, by its nature, is one of the most labor intensive projects completer-students undergo. It is a culmination of an entire year’s work and requires students to find an adult mentor outside of the classroom.

As such, the variety of projects set up are various. TV/Video Productions created there were creative projects and PSAs; culinary students showed off the impressive dishes and elaborate cakes they decorated; engineering students sent their best projects. Those were only a few examples from the entire gala.

Throughout the day, the public toured the gala, exploring the different ways in which students were able to present their creativity. The gala itself was the project of the hospitality and tourism students who were in charge of taking attendance, setting up tables, and preparing the venue.

Education board members strolled through as well, observing the impressive work of students. The Gala is open to the public every year. If you are interested in next year’s, be sure to keep an eye on the Forrest Tech Center’s website and/or Twitter feed. Students in their completing year of their program may participate, and it’s a great way to exhibit all of the success and progress that you’ve achieved in your time as a student: a fair, exemplary send-off to leave your final mark in your last days at the Tech Center.