Long Island Medium Review

Regan Walker, Junior Staff Writer

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Have you heard of a person who talks to the dead or maybe heard of a show on television about people who talk to dead and have readings in front of people?  I’m talking about “Long Island Medium”, a reality show that premiered on TLC in September of 2011. It’s about Theresa Caputo, an Average long island mother and wife who happens to talk to spirits and the dead! Through all the seven seasons,she planned private and group readings to  help people find closure and connect with friends,family,coworkers and even neighbors who have passed away.

The seventh season which premiered on January 3rd brings all new readings, including Hollywood Celebrities like Jim Parsons, star of the “Big Bang Theory”who lost his father in a car accident 15 years ago. I was so  amazed about how Theresa can speak to the dead, remember what they said, and explain it to the people who lost them. So I recommend that people watch this amazing show, open their minds, get the chills and the tears, and, most of all,  learn from Theresa’s stories about the guests on the show.

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