Naming My Car

Vada Mercer, Writer

One part of high school which I had looked forward to for a long time was getting my own car. I’m proud to drive my 2012 Elantra, I think it’s a gorgeous car with a smooth ride. But something is always missing. What is my car’s name?

I feel a sense of detachment from my car. I ride around in it, I take it where I’d like, but do I know it? Not on the personal level that I should. My car needs a name, and I turned to peers for support.


Finding the gender of your car can be a key part to giving it a name, but it is not a necessary step. Some car owners even consider the gender completely separate from the car’s name, these people tend to believe that cars are female by default. 

Car gendering is generally a gut feeling, but it may also have to do with the car’s frame and color. For me, it was a gut feeling. My car’s ride was so smooth, and I’m proud of the way it looks. I can’t put much else behind the reason, but I just know my car is a girl.


Many car owners choose their car’s name as a popular culture reference. For example, one peer has named their blue car Dory after the fish from Nemo. Another driver named their white jeep “Walter White.” The trend between car names can be linked to color, or just for the effect of humor. 

This choice is definitely being considered for me as I go on this journey. My car feels so gorgeous to me, I can’t get the picture of her as a pop star out of my mind.


Some car owners dub their car with human names. This is the most common, however it is something I never saw myself doing for my car. Examples of these human names are “Derrick,” or the ever-popular three time winner “Betty.” Some people assign these names based on the age of their car, giving names from older generations to their old cars. Some people will make a nickname based on the model or brand of car that they own. Others simply believe that a big ol’ car named Rick is hilarious. 

An everyday human name just does not stick out for my Elantra. I feel in my soul that she is more than your average gal, she is someone special.

After taking a long time mulling over the endless possibilities, I have decided a name most suitable for her. My black 2012 Elantra deserves the name of an eccentric female singer. With every moment I spend with her, I grow more and more sure of this decision. My car’s name is Björk, and I’ve never been more sure of anything.