A Stock Market Challenge

Owen Hugel, Writer

This year, I enrolled in a finance class. Generally, finance isn’t something that piques my interest, but I mean, everyone likes money. Still, I’ve never been particularly interested in investing, taking out loans, starting a business, or anything like that, but I ended up in finance, which turned out to be a good thing. Let me get to the point here…

As we approach the fourth quarter of the school year, my class began a unit focusing on the stock market. In order to better understand investing, my teacher would take a hands-on approach. Here is the assignment – students will be given an imaginary $10,000 to invest in real-world stocks, the goal of the assignment will be to do research and find stocks that could give students a good return on their investment. Every student will track their portfolio in a spreadsheet – how many shares they bought or sold, what each stock is selling at on that day, and whether their portfolio has appreciated or depreciated in value.  

I didn’t just want to get a good grade on this assignment, I wanted to beat my peers (financially). The end goal here is to have the most return on your $10,000 investment, in order to achieve this, I would do my due diligence on the stock market before I purchased anything. 

A simple Google search will come up with hundreds of answers on today’s best stocks. As a simpleton – I found a website that looked at least semi-reliable and picked a few stocks from there. So, let’s look at my picks.

My most expensive stock was in NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA), where I spent $4,732 on 20 shares at the price of $236.60 per share. NVIDIA is a company that focuses on the production of computer and mobile processors. So far, this stock has been very day-to-day for me, one day it’ll be a few dollars “in the green”, and the next it’s down. Obviously, this stock is the most important one in my portfolio, so I’m really banking on its success. 

JD Sports Logo

I made the decision to buy two different stocks that were cheap, these were really “hail mary’s” for me – two companies with low stock values, that I was praying would blow up. The companies I’m talking about are JD Sports Fashion (JDSPY) and Rolls-Royce Holdings. JD Sports Fashion sells for about $2 per share and Rolls-Royce Holdings goes for about $1.80 per share. Again, not expecting much from these two stocks, just hoping they hold their value or go up a little.

Amazon Logo

You’ve heard of this company before. My fourth stock is Amazon (AMZN), an online retailer that pretty much sells anything and everything you could ever want. The company was selling for $94.27 per share when I initially “purchased” it. This is another stock that has been really volatile throughout this assignment. The stock could be up to $96 or $97+ per share, then come back down to right around $93/$94. With the markets constantly changing, it will be hard to make a good profit given the short time frame we have to complete this assignment.

Paypal Logo

Finally, I purchased 20 stocks from PayPal (PYPL). I bought them at $73.90 a share, which at the time seemed like a fair deal given the size of the company. PayPal is an online payment/transaction app, where you can send and receive money, as well as pay for things at stores online and in person. So far, this stock has floated at around $73, but I’m really banking on this stock increasing.

So, there you have it, obviously I did my best to pick stocks that would see the most growth, but even if things don’t work out as intended, I think the experience of this assignment was worth it.