Gobble Gobble

The annual tradition continues.

Photo Credit: LHS Journalism Staff

Photo Credit: LHS Journalism Staff

Greg Teich, Senior Writer

The Gobble Down challenge is a fundraising event hosted by the LHS Journalism Team, where four students and two staff members compete against each other to see who can eat 10 wings the fastest. 

Five years ago, the Journalism Team was looking for ways to fundraise some extra money, and decided on a speed eating competition, which students could pay $1 to watch live. 

The food for the Gobble Down Challenge was originally pumpkin pie, but after partnering with the Old Towne Pub to supply wings, the competition was switched to a wing eating competition. 

This year Jack Bateman (9), Brian Fuchs (10), Matthew Barry (11), Bill Parillo (12), Mr. Adams, and Mr. Bressler competed to win the trophy. 

Here’s a few words from this year’s competition! 

Jack Bateman: “It was a great day to be a Raider, but it wasn’t my day.” 

Bill Parillo: “When life gives you chicken wings, you eat them.“

Brian Fuchs: “

Mr. Adams: “Win or lose, at least you get a free lunch!”

Matthew Barry: “

Mr. Bressler (Gobble Down Champion): “

It was an intense battle but Mr. Bressler came out on top, beating out last year’s champion Bill Parillo.

See you next year for another exciting battle!  Thanks to all the students and staff for supporting our annual gobble down and especially, The Leonardtown Pub for donating the delicious wings for the competition.