Give Your Eyes a Break


Kennedy Walker

December 2020

Although COVID-19 has become an odd obsession with the media and it’s publishings, and I tend to avoid it when writing. Although, I feel like this needs some awareness! 

    With online school and technology, our eyes are being strained! Dr. Gardiner with Harvard Health states that staring at a screen too long tends to make your vision blurred, and your eyes sore, causing discomfort. Gardiner also noted that not enough blinking happens often, making your eyes dry, losing the natural lubrication your wonderful body and optical system provides you! 

    There’s no feasible way for our generation to escape technology, which would rid all of our health problems associated with it, but there are, however, some things that Dr.Gardiner and other health professionals with Harvard Health suggest in order to make our situations better…

  1. Adjust your work environment! This includes maybe sitting further away from the computer screen. 
  2. Make sure your computer monitor is slightly lower than eye-level (four to eight inches). 
  3. Purchase a matte screen filter, which equates to about ten dollars. This reduces the glare on your screen, and can be used on any piece of technology. 
  4. Try to adjust the font to a larger size, to reduce eye straining. 
  5. Reduce glare with a softer lighting. 

Dr. Gardiner adds that his best advice is to take periodic breaks, every fifteen to thirty minutes. 

Being young, we should try our best to preserve our health and our youth. Don’t let outside forces impact your sight, take Harvard’s best into consideration, and adjust yourself based upon what is best for you!