Snow Rituals

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Jayden Rittle, Sophomore Staff Writer

It’s one of the most anticipated days of the school year for kids, but quite possibly the most dreaded for parents. You won’t find it on the school calendar. If you plan for it, it can have disastrous results because it’s not predictable. It can mean a blissful day of sleeping in and Netflix binging. It can also be a day of sled rides, snow angels, and snowball fights with your friends. It is the snow day! 


So, how can you help make these tiny formed crystals fall from the sky? Do you just want a light dusting? Just enough to miss school, but not enough to have to spend your day of freedom shoveling? Well, it’s believed that dropping ice cubes down the toilet can help you control the tiny flakes. Do you want one inch? Just drop one ice cube down the toilet. If you want five inches, drop five. If you want to miss school for days because you want to procrastinate for as long as you can, for that test that you didn’t study for, then place a spoon under your pillow. The myth is that it will snow so much, you will have to dig your way out. If you don’t really care how much it snows or you want to be surprised, other popular ways to help secure your snow day are to wear your pajamas inside out or to try eating super cold ice cream the night before your planned day. 


These snow rituals are sometimes referred to as “snow dances”.  In today’s society, we perform these rituals to try to skip a day or two or possibly more of school.  However, rituals, such as these have been used throughout history, especially by the Native Americans, to pray to mother nature, to change the weather patterns.  Weather can have a big impact on the lives of many. These rituals have become traditions passed down from generation to generation.


Some say these rituals are just myths, but others say they’re foolproof ways to make it snow. The winter months are in full swing, so whether you want to skip the test, veg out on the couch, try out the new sled or just want to start a new family tradition, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.  What do you have to lose? It’s been said, the more people who participate, the better the chances. What are you waiting for? Gather up your friends and educate them on your new found knowledge.