Strong Bucks


Samantha Blottenberger, Senior Staff Writer

What are Strong Bucks? 

Strong bucks are a little piece of paper that contains a rubric about what being Raider STRONG means. The S stands for Scholarly, the T stands for Trustworthy, the R stands for Respectful, the O stands Ownership, the N stands for No Excuses, and the G stands for Genuine. Strong Bucks are used as a way to praise good behavior, just as detention is a way to discipline bad behavior. Students can collect Strong Bucks throughout the year and use them for certain events that the school sponsors as an incentive for rigorous work or timeliness. Strong bucks have no value outside of Leonardtown High School. 

How can you get one? 

In order to get a Strong Buck you must exemplify one or more of the traits above. Teachers and school staff members hand them out when they see fit. Some teachers hand them out very generously and some will only hand out a handful throughout the entire year. Just because you do something that shows a Raider strong trait does not mean that you are entitled to receive a Strong Buck.

What can you do with strong bucks?

Strong Bucks can be used in a handful of different ways. You can spend them at the school bank on Tuesdays and Thursdays to get snacks and different school supplies. 5 Strong  Bucks can be used as admission to student vs staff athletic games which are usually held during seventh and eighth period on select days throughout the year. The next one coming up is the student vs staff basketball game in December. Throughout the year students can also put their Strong Bucks, containing both their name and teacher’s signature, in various raffles. Some of the raffles that go on during the year are tickets to various school dances, season sporting event passes, yearbooks, gift cards, and other things that pop up throughout the year. For example, the school recently raffled off two Twenty One Pilots tickets to seniors. Raffle boxes can be found in the main office and media center. Strong Bucks can also be used in classrooms. Different teachers will use strong bucks in different ways, but are NOT required to use them at all. Lastly, Strong Bucks can be used to get into LHS community building events such as: 

  • Mr. Cropper’s Avenue Disc Dog Show in November
  • The ugly sweater/reindeer run in December
  • The student/staff karaoke and gaming competition in January
  • Winter week in February
  • The Raider Madness (basketball tournament) in March
  • The Raider Cup class challenge in April
  • The staff/student lip sync/dance off and Raider fest in May
  • The student/staff kickball game and walk and talk in June