Class President Interviews

Class President Interviews

Peyton Island, Junior Staff Writer

This 2019-2020 school year, I talked to our class presidents. I asked the class presidents a few questions. I asked the class of 2022, 2021, and 2020, 

“What are you changing from last year to this year?” The class of 2022 president Judy Nyugen answered the question by saying “My class and I are working a lot harder this year on the homecoming hallway,we are also going to be working a lot harder on the pep rally.” The 2021 class president Omatayo Ojo said “My goal is that the class officers are going to be open to more of the LHS community. We want to work harder with the Harvest for Hungry this year and have a better outcome. We would like to be known for being the best class, not the worst”. The class of 2020 president Dana Schwalbe said “ This year we are adding more events like the sunrise event, and we also started the hallway decorating early to make it even better than last year” 

I then talked to all the class presidents from the classes of 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020 and asked them “What are your goals as a president?”. The class of 2023 president Manasa Iswara said her goal was “ to make sure her class feels like a close community, and to feel safe but enjoy their highschool experience”. Our 2022 president Judy said her goal was to “Have enough money for their events, and for everyone to have fun.” Our 2021 president Omatayo said her goal was to “raise money for prom and graduation.” Our class of 2020 president Dana said her goal for president was that she wants to “make sure our senior year is better then our junior year, and we would like to keep our spirit going”. 

The pep rally!!! The class officers had some interesting things to say about the pep rally. The class of 2023 goal for the pep rally is to have everyone participate in the pep rally, and have the loudest and most engaging class. The class of 2022 goal for the pep rally is to be the loudest class, and to have more people for our events at the pep rally. The class of 2021 goal is to win events and hope it is very fun for everyone. The class of 2020 goal is to hope to recreate last year and be louder and more spirited. The class of 2022 is targeting seniors and juniors. The class of 2021 is targeting seniors because they won last year and they want to win this year. The class of 2020 is going to try and be the best class this year and take home the spirit stick again!. Each grade level has different expectations for the year but they all have one goal, to have a successful year.