Seniors, Where Ya Goin’?


Patuxent Publishing

(photo by noah scialom) B582154531Z.1 dow}, Students lined up to find their seats at Ft. Meade High School’s graduation on Monday, June 11th.

Markayla Hollins, Sophomore Staff Writer

Every senior has a specific place they want to go when they get out of highschool whether it be the military, college , etc but they all have a special place in mind that they want to go. While in journalism class I was assigned prophecies and prophecies are a prediction so i gathered some seniors that I knew and asked them what they think they’ll be doing in ten years and most of them knew right off the bat what they’d be doing. Some had going to the military in mind and some had going to school for nursing or cosmetology. When I think about the most important grade in High School I believe being a senior is the most important because if you think about it you’ve made it so far and your about to be on your own. You’ve worked so hard to get there.


Once achieving the goal of becoming a senior there’s lots that you have to think about before you’ve  graduated. Unless you’re already prepared you should already have picked which college you want to attend or if you want to go into the military then you really have already started preparing for that. It’s important that you have letters or recommendations for when asked vand when preparing those recommendations you should make sure to choose good people. People that really know you and always remember every choice you make can impact your future.


Another important tip even tho there’s really only like 6 days left you still need to make sure your doing all of your work and you turn everything in don’t let your grades just fall apart because it’s imperative that you earn your high school diploma. If you’re the worker type you should find a part time job while you’re in college it’ll really help out with your free time and you’ll have some extra cash. Working during school teaches great money management skills. And Lastly you wanna have fun you’re officially out of Highschool live life to the fullest, make good choices, during your free time party a little make new friends who knows your new roommate may turn out being your best friend ! But  look guys it’s finally here you made it !!!! Now off to exploring bigger things.