How To Be Prepared For The End Of The Year

Markayla Hollins, Sophomore Staff Writer

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Students It’s getting to be that time of the year summer is two months away spring break is 31 days away. But the question you need to ask yourself is am I prepared? Well if you aren’t there’s a few things i can tell you to get you there but you need to pay close attention and make sure you are listening otherwise how are you gonna succeed and make it to summer or more importantly spring break since that’s way closer are you ready? Ok listen carefully cause im only gonna say this once.


So in order to be prepared for the end of the year you need to have all of your school assignments up to date, make sure that your grades are in the right place, but in order for that to happen the most important thing is you need to be organized you should have folders and binders for each subject your binders should have dividers and nothing shouldn’t be in a folder everything must be in a folder or a binder. If you just have everything spread out in your bookbag then how are you going to know what goes with what. You also need to study because exams are right around the corner and if you study you have a better chance of passing.


In conclusion, even though the end of the year is coming very soon it doesn’t mean it’s okay to slack off and not turn in your work or stop studying or even just stop doing work in general. It’s best to be a good student the whole year instead of half the year. Of course there will be times where you can have free days in class and there won’t be any work to do those days are way different than normal days but since spring break is coming first make sure all your work is turned in check your interim see if your grades are where you want them to be make sure all make up work is turned in and if you’ve checked everything off your checklist then you should be fine if there are some discrepancies then you may wanna look into talking to teacher or counselor because they will always be there to help! And always remember to have a raideriffic day!