How to Get Better Grades

Peyton Island, Sophomore Staff Writer

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Are you struggling with your grades? Need ideas to become a better student? I have some ideas to interest you in the works of becoming a better student. “Academic achievement was something I’d always sought as a form of reward. Good grades pleased my parents, good grades pleased my teachers; you got them in order to sew up approval,” said Caroline Knapp. If you attend school regularly and arrive at class on time, you won’t miss a lesson, you will be able to pay attention and ask questions if needed. If you read notes before class you might have a better understanding ahead of time of the lesson.  If your teacher has given you an assignment maybe two weeks before it is due or maybe a day before it is due, complete the assignments ahead of time so you don’t have to rush. Do not procrastinate! Tackle big projects and tackle extra credit. If you have a big exam or a test/quiz always allow yourself to study in a manageable time ahead. Getting a lot of rest can reduce the distractions that you might have in school. Doing all these things can help you become a better student, and to have better grades.

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