Special Olympics

Special Olympics

Kennedy Walker, Sophomore Staff Writer

This upcoming March is the hosted month for the 2019 International Special Olympics Competition! 7,000 athletes are chosen to compete their skills in a worldwide broadcast. This year, one of our own has been chosen to represent us and the USA team in this international competition. Kegan Zimmerman, LHS alumni of 2007, who has been competing in Special Olympics since 2007 is one of the athletes representing us.

I interviewed Kegan to talk about the upcoming games and his readiness for the competition:

The Special Olympics competition is being held in Abu Dhabi this year! Kegan, throughout the years, has been alternating in 16 different sports but will be competing in cycling for the world games. Kegan plans on doing the 5k and 10k for cycling. He is very excited for the games and hopes to win the gold medal in his sport. Kegan will be leaving for Dubai on March 6th and the competition will start on the 14th and end on the 21st. Kegan has to take an 18 hour flight to get to Dubai.

Kegan first found out he was going to the world games, last November. He says he’s been training by exercising and eating healthy everyday. Kegan says there was only four athletes, from Maryland, that were chosen to go to the games and he was one of the four. Since the competition is so far away and Kegan will be there for awhile, he has to raise $10,000 for expenses. He has already raised about $9,000 so far!

Kegan can’t wait to travel and compete in the world games this year! Please tune in to watch the worldwide broadcast of the 2019 Special Olympics World Games and support Kegan and all our other USA athletes! The competition will be in March, check your channel listings! If you would like to know more about the upcoming games go to, SpecialOlympicsWorldGames.com!