Setting Realistic Goals

Setting Realistic Goals

Kaitlynn Zacher, Sophomore Staff Writer

Almost everyone sets goals for themselves, whether it’s unintentional, or intentional. It’s important to consciously set goals for yourself. It’s okay if you don’t always reach your goal, but the expectation is always to meet or surpass the objective in which you have in place for you.

As a high school student, I think it’s dire to plan out targets for yourself. says that “setting goals can help you grow as a person…Thus, working towards and achieving goals can give your self-esteem a boost, which can improve your overall mental health and satisfaction.” So not only does setting goals for yourself help you mentally, it helps you with your self-esteem, which is something a lot of teenagers struggle with.

Now, it’s the point of mounting realistic objectives for yourself. New Year’s Resolutions are a good thing, but sometimes rather stupid. You can’t set a weight loss plan for yourself, stating you want to lose 200 pounds before 2020. I mean, its possible, yeah, but extremely unhealthy. Losing 200 pounds in the matter of 365 days means that you will lose more than a half a pound per day. It just isn’t an ideal goal to set for yourself, and will not better your future.

Teenagers need to set healthy goals for themselves. Highschool is the most crucial four years of a person’s life, and all academic decisions made will ultimately affect your future. Tell yourself in fourth quarter, you’re going to get a “B” in math if you struggle with that subject, or if it’s doable for you, to get straight A’s. Tell yourself that you will read the book this time in english, even though you hate reading. Even making deals with your parents. If your parents are aware of how much you wrestle with your physics grade, for example, ask them if you get a “B” in physics this upcoming quarter, they can pay your gas money for a week, or give you cash, or whatever you want, as a reward. These help you meet your goal better and more successfully.

Depending upon your lifestyle are the goals you are going to decide to position…and those will impact your life. Be sure to make genuine objectives you are capable of reaching, and that are healthy for your life.