Saving vs. Spending


Kaitlynn Zacher, Sophomore Staff Writer

Money is one of the most important components of a person’s life. What you spend your money on, how you spend your money, and exactly how much money you make and the method you use on saving is extremely essential! Jobs during high school can help you prepare for adulting, so it’s good to start thinking like one early.

In my opinion, I think you should save your money. I’m planning on attending college, and my parents can’t fund everything. Obviously I will have to take out student loans, but a couple thousand dollars saved up throughout the years will definitely be helpful when living on your own. Moving away from home and living alone as an 18 year old, with the responsibilities of school will be extremely difficult, so it’s okay to cut yourself some slack, but it’s better to have your own money to fall back on rather than contacting your parents constantly for financial help. You won’t be able to constantly ask your parents for money when you’re in your mid thirties, married, with two kids. You and your partner will be on-your-own… so why not start now?  


However, there are exceptions to spending your money. Going out to eat all the time adds up, so I would suggest doing that every once in a while. Grabbing a quick drink at your local coffee place a couple times a week also accumulates, so just be careful and mindful of what your money is going towards. I believe money should be spent consciously. Spend your money on things worth while! Whether that is a concert that will create awesome memories, school trips, a new electronic, or vacations…just make sure these aren’t too consecutive. Going on vacation in a reward to yourself, and costs a lot of money. Once a year is more than enough for vacation time, and will be able to happen if you save your money and spend wisely.